My Favorites

I often get asked what my favorite restaurant in Roseville is.  I don’t think there is a definitive answer to that general a question.  Narrowed down to cuisine though is much easier.  You can certainly look at my list of Complete Restaurants sorted by rating, but that’s really only based on the one visit for the most part.  Here I will point out my personal favorite spots by cuisine that I find myself visiting repeatedly, and therefore are essentially my favorites.

American: One of the few that I actually don’t do a ton of in Roseville, but I would break it down a little bit as follows:

Breakfast: I join my family now and then at Chubby’s on the weekends.  The service is amazing.  I also go to Early Toast fairly often.  My go to is Four Sister’s though. Everyone I’ve ever taken there has been impressed.

Chinese: 3-way tie on this one between Rose Garden, Leo’s Kitchen and Bambu.

Deli/Sandwiches: Beach Hut for sure.  If you can decipher their hours of operation, A Dash of Panache is killer.

Dessert: A Slice of Goodness.  Hands down the best pies.

Greek: Another I don’t do often, but I would definitely go to Milo’s in the Galleria.

Indian: I love Indian buffet but usually do it for lunch outside of Roseville.  Here I would go with Mehfil or Taj Oven for buffet and Tandoori Nights for non buffet.

Italian: Mary’s Pizza Shack for a family atmosphere, The Place or Strings for a more intimate setting.

Japanese: So many good ones to choose from!

Mexican: Another one with tons of really solid choices.  I find I go to these ones the most:

Mongolian BBQ: GK Mongolian is simply the only Roseville Mongolian BBQ I even consider.  Rocklin has us (and every other city for that matter) beat by a long shot with a place called Sizzle Mongolian BBQ.

Pizza: Trademark Pizza Co has been my go-to pizza ever since they opened.  Unlimited (quality) toppings for $8?  Done.  For more traditional pizza:

Seafood: Only a couple in this category but both are great (and very different): Anchor’s Fish & Chips and Fins Market & Grill.

Thai: Most of the Thai food in Roseville is pretty good, but I will usually go to one of these:

Vietnamese: For Pho I almost always go to Asian Blossom.

Bars/Pubs: Hands down: The Boxing Donkey

OtherBaagan Fresh Healthy Vegan CafeLa Huaca.

Beer: Final Gravity & Porter’s House of Draft

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