#14: Parkers Hot Dogs

Bonus post for my birthday!

Parker’s Hot Dogs seems like it’s been there forever, certainly as long as I’ve lived in Roseville.  It sits near the end of the Office Depot / Goodwill shopping center at the corner of Douglas and North Sunrise.  It’s probably been over 6 months since my last visit, but I used to come here often for lunch on the weekends.  Nothing has changed in that time, except perhaps some new vintage Pepsi memorabilia has been added.  The owner has quite the collection including signs, clocks, lights and even a shirt from Russia.

It’s a small little place with low stools that I never seem to get used to.  Their menu has all your typical hot dogs like the Chicago, BBQ Bacon Cheese, Kraut and more.  Of course they also have Polish dogs and hot links with variations of both.  Fries and corn dogs are also available.

I come here for the chili dogs.  They have some of the best chili around and they aren’t afraid to pile it on.  I probably only need to order their small, which is 1 scoop of chili, but I went all out and got the 2-scoop large for the photo.  Onions and cheese are optional.  I ask for extra onions becuase I love the texture it adds.  They go nuts with the cheese, but I’m not complaining.  The dog itself is actually a pretty good sized hot dog, so this plate is huge.  I only finished about three-quarters of it.  In my first Eating Through Roseville Post I mention this chili dog is like a Super Sloppy Double Dare obstical course.  Here it is (note- there is in fact a hot dog and bun under all that!):

Oh, one thing that did change in my absence is that they now have Dr. Pepper!  Score!

I had been told by several people that Wiener Works (on Madison at Auburn) was far superior.  I’m  an open minded guy so I went to try it out.  Their chili dog was much smaller, had FAR less chili/cheese and was served in a basket with paper instead of on a plate with real silverware.  The chili flavor was almost identical.  The only way that they beat Parkers was that they loaded up the onions by default, but Parkers is glad to do so on request.  Also they were very slow.  Parkers always has my food ready right about the time I’m sitting down after getting my soda.  So I’m sticking with my claim that this is the best chili dog around.

Previously I would have given Parkers a 4 due to the lack of Dr. Pepper, but now they earn their rightful 5!


Website: http://parkershotdogs.com/


One thought on “#14: Parkers Hot Dogs

  1. I want that dog. Capital Dawg in Midtown has an alleged Guinness record for most expensive hotdog at around $22. It’s an abomination of a hotdog. I feel bad for Indian names that include the letters “meh.” Ripe for ridicule.

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