So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

Hi All!  This post has been a few months coming, I just hadn’t worked up the nerve to make it “official” until now.  Also I am quite lazy, but we’ve covered that multiple times now.

I started this blog about 5 and a half years ago and have visited over 270 restaurants since then.  If you include things like food trucks and Roseville Square events it probably approaches 300.  That’s a LOT!  It really grew into something much bigger than I had originally imagined, which was just to take some photos and post them on my personal Facebook page as a sort of record of having actually gone everywhere in Roseville.  Little did I realize I would be at it so long that I would eventually be waiting for new places to open so I could check them out, and even expanding my reach into the surrounding areas.

It has been a blast exploring all kinds of food that I never tried before.  Would you believe that I never had sushi, Indian, phó (or Vietnamese food of any kind for that matter) or even a freaking cheesesteak before this blog?  These are now some of my favorite things!  It has really reinforced the idea to me that you should try everything, at least once (or many times!  I’m looking at you kimchi, one of these days I’m going to understand your appeal and learn to appreciate you).

Lately my creative energies (what little I do contain) have drifted away from writing.  Rather than let this blog languish and be updated less and less frequently I have decided to throw in the napkin and bring it to a close.  Thank you to everyone for reading along all this time and giving me great suggestions and knowledge along the way.  It’s been amazing.

I leave you with a challenge.  Go try a restaurant or cuisine you know nothing about.  Don’t read anything about it first, just go and experience it!  Take a moment and look into the shopping centers that you drive by but never go into.  See what little places are hiding in the corner.  There are more of them than you may realize!

Once again, thank you and happy dining!

Oh, Rupert also says farewell 😉