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#240: Buck & Sadie’s Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 001 2016-05-03 17-33-19

A quick way to exhaust one’s dining out budget for the month is a short visit to New York City, which is partially why it’s been a little quiet here for a couple weeks!  New month, new budget, so back to work!ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 002 2016-05-03 18-38-12

Tonight my grandmother and I tried out one of Roseville’s newest restaurants, Buck & Sadie’s Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew.  They opened just last month in the old Fresh Choice location on Douglas at Rocky Ridge.  I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while since I first heard about it last year.  They took their time, and it shows because it’s a very nice place inside!

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 003 2016-05-03 17-43-19 ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 005 2016-05-03 18-37-27

Outside they have a small patio under the shade of the vine-covered pergola.  Inside, you have a walk down to the counter where you place your order, get a number and take a seat wherever.  The place is decked out with wood and warm colors.  I love the vintage incandescent lights hanging throughout the dining room. Off to the right when you enter is a bar serving a pretty wide selection of beer and also wine.

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 004 2016-05-03 17-43-09

Click for full size!
Click for full size!

As the name suggests, the focus here is burgers and wings.  We didn’t have wings today but I really want to come back and try them out, the Sriracha Honey sauce is calling my name.  They also have a selection of small bites such as potato cheese balls, mini deep fried pretzels and truffle french fries (yum!).

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 006 2016-05-03 17-46-43

We each ordered a burger.  She went with The Shroomy (grilled mushrooms and onions, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese & Shanty sauce)[$8.99] and I The Inferno (pepper jack cheese, grilled smoked jalapeños, battered onion strips and Mama’s sauce).  I got a fountain drink and she got a 16oz Coors Light (jokingly labeled “House Water” as the style).

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 007 2016-05-03 17-58-24

Our order took just under 10 minutes to prepare and was brought out to the table.  The beer came shortly after as it was apparently missed at the bar when the order first went in.  Soda’s were via two brand new Coke Freestyle machines.  These split the ice and soda dispensing into two outputs (probably a good revision since a lot of people always appear to be confused by the older version every time I came across one).

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 008 2016-05-03 17-52-49

Both burgers were dressed nicely with a little pickle on top and served with crispy golden fries.  The fries were excellent!  They appeared lightly beer battered and did not need any ketchup; a sign of an excellent french fry in my book.

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 010 2016-05-03 17-53-34 ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 009 2016-05-03 17-53-16

I usually would set aside a pickle when it comes on top of the bun like this, but it was so small I just popped it in one bite.  This was surprisingly delicious!  It had a very cider-like flavor to it.  The burgers are cooked medium (more like medium-well I would say since there was no pink inside).

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 013 2016-05-03 17-55-53 ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 011 2016-05-03 17-54-43

I probably should have picked a different one for my first burger here because the jalapeños were very hot and flavorful, much like what I recently experienced at Moo Moo’s Burger Barn in Rocklin.  They must also keep them in a spicy brine.  They hugely dominated the flavor of the entire burger.  Overall it was good though.  The jack cheese was nice and melted and the onions added a little crisp texture to it.  The bun, which I believe they bake in-house, was fantastic!  It was buttery soft and relatively thin, yet held together throughout the entire meal without a problem.

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 012 2016-05-03 17-55-02

For dessert they have house-made frozen custard ice cream in shakes, root beer floats or scoops, or on top of a warm brownie.  Several toppings are available as well.  I love frozen custard, so I had to try it out.  Being a purist I stuck with a single scoop in a cup with no toppings.  I’m not sure why, but frozen custard is exceedingly difficult to find in the Sacramento area (if you know of it somewhere, let me know in the comments below!).  Anytime I visit Texas, Reno or the Bay Area (all places I’ve found amazing custards) I have to have it.  This custard was not quite the same as the kinds I love.  It was more of an ice cream texture, albeit a bit heavier and smoother.  Despite that, the vanilla flavor was incredible.  Definitely some of the best vanilla I’ve had in a while.  I will absolutely be trying a root beer float when I return for wings!

ETR 240 Buck & Sadies Angus Burgers, Wings & Brew 014 2016-05-03 18-17-31

Overall, a very good new spot in town and in a great location.  Great, friendly service, food and beer selection.

AM13: Moo Moo’s Burger Barn

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 001 2016-04-16 13-03-03

Following our beer flights at Boneshaker Public House yesterday, Justin and I headed just a couple blocks down the street to have lunch at Moo Moo’s Burger Barn.  This is located at Sunset and Stanford Ranch.  They have only a few other locations including two in Stockton and one in Lodi.  As the name implies it’s a burger restaurant.

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 002 2016-04-16 13-52-33

The name makes it hard not to think of one of my favorite burger places nearby, MooYah Burgers.  The name is about all they have in common though.  Rather than the fast-food ambiance in MooYah, this is a table-service style restaurant.  It was rather busy at 1pm, so I only have one little photo to share of the inside which shows some counter seating from the main entrance.  It’s mostly booths and a handful of tables/chairs.  The booth walls are relatively high so you don’t feel like you’re right next to people.

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 003 2016-04-16 13-18-54

Our server, Calvin, was pretty great.  He realized we had never been here before and laid out some of his favorites, as well as the more popular burgers, and described the Moo sauce to be “like 1000 Island dressing, but better.”  He had a good energy level and a sense of humor, nodding and saying “extra lettuce and tomatoes” as he wrote down Justin’s order of a Double Moo with cheese and no lettuce or tomatoes.  (Double Moo: Double the Beef, on a Sesame Seed Bun with Moo Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onions)[$10.05].

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 004 2016-04-16 13-29-00

I ordered the Flamin’ Moo (On a Kaiser Bun with Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Ranch Dressing and Topped with Regular and Battered Sliced Jalapeños)[$10.25] and added avocado for $1.25.  On Calvin’s suggestion I substituted Moo sauce for the ranch.  Both Justin and I opted for the beer-battered fries as our sides.  Ordering went very smoothly.  The wait was a bit long though, about 20-25 minutes.  When our burgers came we were ready to eat.  Justin’s burger was long gone within a couple minutes, as is tradition.

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 005 2016-04-16 13-29-31

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 006 2016-04-16 13-29-55

The fries were very good.  They brought out some ranch in little containers for us early on, and I assume this was for the fries, but they really didn’t need anything at all..  They were piping hot and nice and crisp on the outside.  They were basically steak-cut-sized fries, so on the inside they were still soft.  I plowed through all of these before I even touched my Flamin’ Moo.  The burger itself was piled high with jalapeños.  I squeezed the bun down and went to work.

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 007 2016-04-16 13-30-13

The beef patty was cooked well done.  Justin commented we weren’t asked, so he wondered if you could get it cooked differently or if they just do well.  The beef was fine, nothing particularly noteworthy.  The toppings are what made this burger.  I am glad I added the avocado, because it definitely helped tame the jalapeños heat a bit.  As I just mentioned above, they were plentiful here, both deep fried and grilled varieties.  They were exceptionally flavorful and hot, which makes me think they probably have them soaked in a spicy brine to maintain consistency.  I doubt it would be so hot if they were fresh.  Indeed, my mouth was burning pretty good while eating this, and even for a short time afterwards.  The other toppings, while masked somewhat by the peppers, were still very good.  The avocado was soft, ripe and bright green and the bacon crispsy.  The grilled red onions must have only been grilled very lightly because they still had some snap to them.  I only got a taste of the Moo sauce early on before my mouth caught fire.  It seemed pretty much like typical 1000 Island though.  Perhaps I would be able to notice more of a difference on a simpler burger.

ETR AM13 Moo Moo's Burger Barn 008 2016-04-16 13-34-14

Overall I definitely enjoyed Moo Moo’s.  I do hope that the long wait is not typical of them.  Aside from that, the food and service was quite enjoyable and I could see myself returning.

AM12: Boneshaker Public House

ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 001 2016-04-16 11-29-10

I’ve long wanted to mention Boneshaker Public House here, and today seemed like a good opportunity.  Although I did not eat here today, rest assured their house mac & cheeses (all of them) are incredible.  They also offer pizzas and appetizer-type options.  Check out the current menu as it was today.  I met up with my friend, Justin, at 11:30 for today’s lower-key dark beer event, “Black Beer, Bright Sun.”

ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 002 2016-04-16 11-34-15

ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 003 2016-04-16 11-34-46

Boneshaker is one of a few craft beer bars in the area (Final Gravity, Porter’s House of Draft and Craft Beer Vault being the other noteworthy ones that come to mind).  They are located at the corner of Sunset Blvd & Park Dr in Rocklin.  They carry a constantly changing array of craft beers on draft and in bottles.  Several times a year they have special events featuring delicious and harder to find special release beers. I am usually attracted to ones with darker beers, such as imperial stouts aged in bourbon barrels.

ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 011 2016-04-16 12-52-53 ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 004 2016-04-16 11-35-27 ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 005 2016-04-16 11-35-54 ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 006 2016-04-16 11-36-18

They expanded a while back and have a decent amount of seating both inside and out.  Inside is a fairly dark (especially when walking in on a sunny day like today, it takes some time to adjust), modern-rustic ambiance.  You order beer and food up at the bar and take a seat anywhere.

ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 007 2016-04-16 11-37-51 ETR AM12 Boneshaker Public House 010 2016-04-16 12-43-49

Today we ordered a couple of flights to try a variety.  They had 3 preset ones which consisted of:

Flight A:

  • Knee Deep – Dark Horse (Imperial Stout) 10%
  • Anderson Valley – Huge Arker (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) 13.5%
  • Saint Archer – Tusk & Grain (Barrel Aged Blend) 12.5%
  • Modern Times – Devil’s Teeth (Imperial Coffee Stout) 10%

Flight B:

  • Alesmith – Speedway Stout (Imperial Stout) 12%
  • Mother Earth – Four Seasons (Bourbon Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Stout) 8.8%
  • New Holland – Dragon’s Milk (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) 11%
  • Dust Bowl – BBA RIS (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) 11.5%

Flight C:

  • Alesmith – Hawaiian Speedway Stout (Imperial Coffee Stout) 12%
  • Loomis Basin – Get Back Jack (Imperial Porter) 8.5%
  • Uinta – Labyrinth (Barrel Aged Quad Black Ale) 13.2%
  • Great Basin – 404 Scytale (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) 13%

We ordered B & C.  Each was around $13 for something like 4-5oz pours.  There was a slight mixup and so we were given an extra glass of something, though neither of us really figured out what it was.  Of all of these, the Four Seasons Peanut Butter Stout and the 404 Scytale really stuck out to me as the best, most unique of the bunch.  A peanut butter stout sounded really weird, but it didn’t really have a peanut butter flavor to it.  It was fairly sweet and instead had a flavor and aroma of cake frosting.

Tap listing for 4/16/2016. Click to enlarge.
Tap listing for 4/16/2016. Click to enlarge.

Overall it was a decent tasting.  Nothing like Final Gravity’s annual Stouterday in December, or some of the more impressive lineups Boneshaker has from time to time, but enjoyable nonetheless.  It was nice to be here when it wasn’t standing room only though, which seems to be the case on those particularly special days.

We headed off to Rocklin’s Moo Moos Burger Barn for lunch afterwards, which I’ll have a separate posting about probably tomorrow.