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Welcome to Eating Through Roseville!

What’s next in Roseville?

  • Fit Eats
    • Where: Eureka in Stone Pointe
    • What: ???
    • When: Early September? (not sure where I read that…)
    • Website:
  • Old Town Pizza
  • Pickles ‘N Brew
    • Where: Foothills @ Junction (Former Mr. Pickles location)
    • What: Subs & Beer
    • When: “soon”…
  • Buck & Sadie’s Angus Burgers & Wings
    • Where: Douglas & Rocky Ridge (Former Fresh Choice location)
    • What: Burgers & Wings, presumably
    • When: November
  • La Fiesta Taqueria
    • Where: Eureka & Lead Hill (former Mas location)
    • What: Mexican
    • When: Unknown

Ever find yourself in Rancho Cordova?  Check out my new mission at Rancho Salads: A salad at a new restaurant every day in Rancho Cordova.

Posted by: S. Carter | October 8, 2015

#237: Land Ocean

ETR 237 Land Ocean 001 2015-10-08 18-56-38

I’ve wanted to check out Land Ocean since long before they arrived in Roseville.  This “New American Grill” originated in Folsom with location #1 on E. Bidwell St.  I drove by it many times at lunch but never made it out there for dinner.  Luckily, I waited long enough that they came to me!  Their new Roseville restaurant opened in the Galleria a few weeks ago.  They are located on the other side of the main entrance by Cheesecake Factory.  They have dueling patios now, and let me just say that Land Ocean’s is a lot nicer looking with their fire-topped walls.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 002 2015-10-08 17-21-17

I arrived with several family members for dinner at 5:30PM on Thursday.  The bar was hoppin’, and you could tell easily through the slatted divider between it and the Galleria’s interior.  Right behind the host’s podium was a window into the kitchen where chickens were roasting up by an open flame.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 003 2015-10-08 17-21-56

ETR 237 Land Ocean 004 2015-10-08 17-23-46

We decided the patio looked really nice so we opted to sit out there.  It ended up being far warmer than I expected next to the flame wall, but our server turned it down a bit to mitigate the heat.  This will be really nice in winter.  They also have numerous propane heaters attached to the pergola overhead so it should be very comfortable even on chilly evenings.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 005 2015-10-08 17-25-20

ETR 237 Land Ocean 006 2015-10-08 17-29-12

ETR 237 Land Ocean 007 2015-10-08 17-52-17

ETR 237 Land Ocean 008 2015-10-08 17-27-00

Our server got us started off with drinks as soon as we had settled into our seats.  I had an Alaskan Amber [$7] (the beer selection was a bit mundane but I suppose I can’t compare everything to Final Gravity, Porter’s House of Draft, Boneshaker Public House and Craft Beer Vault) and the rest shared a bottle of Stellina di Notte Pinot Grigio [$28].

ETR 237 Land Ocean 009 2015-10-08 17-30-31

ETR 237 Land Ocean 012 2015-10-08 17-42-38

ETR 237 Land Ocean 011 2015-10-08 17-41-16

We mulled over the idea of appetizers but instead decided to go straight for dinner. I was starving.  My La Bou soup and salad (check that out on Rancho Salads) from lunch was long gone.  A bit of bread and butter helped ease that hunger.  It was nice and super soft inside with a perfectly crunchy crust and soft butter.  We ordered everything up, and I added a side of Bacon & Jalapeño Mac & Cheese [$6.95], which our server offered to bring out first.  This came pretty quickly and was served on a plank of wood in a little cast iron dish.  Everyone had a bite and it went over very well for the most part.  I think the main weaknesses were lack of significant jalapeños in it and that the cheese was more of a sauce and less gooey/cheesy.  Otherwise it had good flavor and was a nice way to start off dinner.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 010 2015-10-08 17-40-43

ETR 237 Land Ocean 013 2015-10-08 17-53-43

ETR 237 Land Ocean 014 2015-10-08 17-54-22

Our main entrees were delivered around 10 minutes after the mac & cheese.  There was the Balsamic Filet Mignon Pasta (sautéed tenderloin, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, housemade pappardelle noodles & toasted garlic bread)[$19.95], the Wood Fire Rotisserie Chicken (all natural Mary’s chicken, yukon gold smashed potatoes & chicken jus)[$17.95] and the Spice Crusted Ahi Tuna (seared rare over sautéed spinach & garlic black rice, topped with Asian roasted corn salsa & avocado mango puree)[$23.95].  My toddler nephew had the Rotisserie Chicken Breast (with Land Ocean fries & sliced apples)[$8.95] which he picked at and kept him busy in-between other distractions.  The fries were fantastic by the way, I would come and have a burger just to enjoy these alongside it.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 018 2015-10-08 18-08-05

ETR 237 Land Ocean 016 2015-10-08 18-07-47

Everyone was really happy with their dishes.  Apparently the spice crusted ahi tuna was quite spicy.  To his credit, our server warned that it would be in advance.  The rotisserie chicken dish was massive and will easily make another meal or two at home.  My mom had planned on taking half of the balsamic filet mignon pasta home but loved it so much that she ended up finishing the whole thing.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 015 2015-10-08 18-06-46

ETR 237 Land Ocean 017 2015-10-08 18-07-58

I had ordered the Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass (coconut rice, sautéed broccolini & soy ginger glaze)[$26.95].  I’ve been trying to recapture the magic of my first sea bass, which I had on a Disney cruise forever ago, and I usually order it anytime I see one on the menu.  This one has seriously come the closest, but was’t quite there.  I recall that one literally melting in my mouth.  This one, while plenty tender, didn’t quite hit that level.  The coconut rice was incredibly delicious, which I admit I was not expecting because I’m usually not a huge fan of coconut.  It totally works in this though.  The broccolini had a nice bit of snap to it still.  Lastly, the glaze.  Oh man the glaze.  It was so much more potent than I anticipated, and it was fantastic.  By the end I had cleaned up pretty much every last drop with rice, sea bass, broccolini, it was all fair game.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 019 2015-10-08 18-07-21

ETR 237 Land Ocean 020 2015-10-08 18-08-38

ETR 237 Land Ocean 021 2015-10-08 18-09-11

ETR 237 Land Ocean 022 2015-10-08 18-09-30

This visit was pretty much everything I wanted it to be.  Our server was attentive, patient and professional yet with a good sense of humor.  A wine glass was dropped at one point behind us as a table was cleaned up and the staff was very careful and swept up the dozens of glass shards that had ended up under our table as non-disruptively as possible.  I thought that the ambiance was pretty excellent considering the patio is next to a busy mall entrance.  I suspect the glass barriers surrounding the fire feature help block a lot of sound from people coming and going.  At the end of dinner we were treated to a gorgeous sunset.  What a way to finish up the night.  My mom and I who have back to back birthdays coming up have already decided we will be coming back for the occasion.

ETR 237 Land Ocean 023 2015-10-08 18-48-12

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#236: Taqueria El Burrito

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 001 2015-10-03 11-42-08

Taqueria El Burrito is a new Mexican joint that took that place of Ancho Mexican Grill (also previously, Baja Fresh) in the TJMaxx center on Douglas.  This is the 3rd of this local chain with locations in Davis and Sacramento.  I watched this place with interest for a long time.  They had the sign up early and worked on the place for quite a while.

Inside there have been huge changes.  I have to say that I really liked what Ancho did with the place before, it had a very modern feel, lots of seating and yet still felt very open.  Now the space carries a much more traditional taqueria vibe.  Bright, colorful tables, mostly booths around the perimeter with a handful of smaller tables towards the front door.  I walked in just after 11AM and made the semi-long walk to the back where the counter and kitchen were located.  The place feels huge now and has a lot of wide open, unused space.

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 002 2015-10-03 11-28-11

It looked like there were just two people working at the time.  The cashier was out at a table delivering food when I made it to the register.  The cook saw me through a little window to the kitchen and said “good morning.”  I picked up a laminated menu from the counter and scanned over it quickly.  Pretty standard taqueria offerings with more meat choices than most (asada, adobada, pastor, carnitas, pollo asado, pollo desebrado, chorizo, chili verde, chili Colorado, lengua, cabeza, tripa, buche, carne molida & birria).

I decided on the chimichanga with carnitas (deep fried burrito, meat, rice, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & lettuce)[$7.95] and got a medium drink to wash it down [$2.25].  I paid and the screen was swiveled around for me to sign on (same thing that Green Boheme had).  There were tip selections, however the cashier reached over and hit “no tip” as soon as the swiveled the screen.  I signed, grabbed my cup and got my drink and a basket of chips from the salsa bar.

For my drink I went with an horchata first.  I really liked the decoration they had on top of the dispenser, it was a glass filled with rice and had a few cinnamon sticks in it.  It was a nice visual representation of the beverage underneath it.  The other two aguas frescas choices that usually are seen alongside horchata had similar displays.  The salsa bar had a nice selection of about 5 or so salsas.  I went with the Sinaloa Hot and a mild creamy avocado sauce.

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 006 2015-10-03 11-22-19

The chips were very average, nothing special.  The avocado sauce has a pretty similar flavor to the sauce I love at Taqueria El Sombrero (my all-time favorite at Douglas and Sierra College), though this was seriously much more smooth, it was kind of weird.  The sinaloa I did not find to be very spicy and was lacking flavor in general.  The horchata was probably the biggest disappointment, it was the most bland I’ve ever had before, tasting more like a sweet low-fat milk than a cinnamon rice drink.  I ended up going and pouring that out in favor of Mr Pibb.

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 003 2015-10-03 11-20-43

My chimichanga was brought out in very little time, just a little over 5 minutes.  It was a monster and was dressed up in a ton of sour cream and guacamole.  A little pile of shredded lettuce was on the plate next to it.  I sliced through the crisp tortilla and revealed the packed insides.  There was no shortage of carnitas in this thing, it probably accounted for 75-80% of the volume.  The carnitas itself was very tender and tasted pretty good.  It’s not the most incredible carnitas I’ve had, which usually has s little more flavor with some citrus coming through and nice crispy edges, but this will definitely do, and the price was very fair.  Guacamole is usually amazing or terrible in my experience.  Here they somehow found a middle ground and it was just OK.

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 004 2015-10-03 11-21-19

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 005 2015-10-03 11-21-39

ETR 236 Taqueria El Burrito 007 2015-10-03 11-23-50

I definitely was not blown away by El Burrito.  It was very satisfactory.  The thing is, we have many incredible Mexican food choices in the area, so even though it wasn’t bad I doubt seeing myself return in the long run.

Website: None (Facebook only):

Posted by: S. Carter | September 21, 2015

#235: The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 001 2015-09-21 17-26-55

We are winding down from the high temperatures finally, but you can still take advantage of that random warm day by cooling down with a tasty treat at The Parlor.  This is a new spot that opened at Rocky Ridge & Eureka, right next door to Beach Hut Deli and the spot where Crush 29 (one of my very earliest posts from 2011) once lived.  This seems to be their 2nd location.  The original is in Sacramento on Fair Oaks.

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 002 2015-09-21 17-33-00

I arrived and met some family at 5:30.  They had a few customers at the time but they cleared out pretty quickly.  Once we were ready to order it started to pick up though and was a slightly busy for a while.  So what makes The Parlor stand out from other ice cream joints?  Donuts.  They take a donut sliced in half and stuff it with your choice of ice cream.  They have 14 flavors of ice cream, and they are all fairly unique, you won’t find basic vanilla or chocolate on the board (although perhaps they do have it if requested, I can see that being a thing).  Instead they have flavors like:

Thai Tease

(A superbly satisfying blend of milky vanilla goodness and Thai tea sweetness)

Midnight in Paris

(A delicious fusion of creamy coffee ice cream and delectable hazlenut nutella chocolate swirls)

Everything but the…
(Satisfy your sweet tooth with this amazing combination of succulent caramel, crunchy pretzel and moist fudge bits. This flavor has everything but the…)

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 004 2015-09-21 17-41-31

You’re essentially done at this point….unless you want more!  For just $0.50 more you can add unlimited toppings.  Today they had 26 on that board including Cap’n Crunch, Potato Chips, Toffee Bits, Marshmallow Cream and Honey.  For $1.00 they had fresh strawberries as well.  Now, with your donut loaded up they take it back to the kitchen to warm it up and give it a dusting of powdered sugar.

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 005 2015-09-21 17-43-06

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 006 2015-09-21 17-43-59

I had a taste of the Thai Tease, I needed to know if it was anything like Gunther’s version.  It’s pretty spot on.  That said, I was feeling something else.  I ended up going pretty colorful with cake batter and fruity pebbles (which seems pretty tame for this place, but I’m perfectly happy with a scoop of vanilla most of the time anyway).  It was ready in just a couple of minutes and handed to me in a bag.  I took it over to our table, got some napkins and a plate from a counter in the back, and got to work.

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 007 2015-09-21 17-44-13

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 008 2015-09-21 17-48-13

I was really impressed at how warm the donut initially was.  It was wonderful and soft to bite into, not to mention delicious!  The ice cream was cold through my last bite, and about halfway through it did chill the donut, but I was also kind of eating slowly and taking photos, so I’m sure that played a part.  The last few bites were a little messy.  The cake batter was, wow, super sweet. It might even rival ColdStone’s cake batter.  the fruity pebbles added a perfect crunch and brief blast of fruit flavor to each bite.

ETR 235 The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs 003 2015-09-21 17-37-16

This was a nice surprise.  I loved it to the last bite.  Even if you’re not into the whole donut+ice cream experience, you can certainly just get a scoop or two in a cup or cone, like my mom did.  Something that we really liked was how reasonable the prices were.  Places like this can quickly take their specialty items and apply specialty prices, but these felt very fair.  An ice cream puff was just $4.50, a single scoop $3.25 and a double $5, and they are BIG scoops.  Definitely plan on returning to The Parlor in the future.

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