#55: Khun Suda Thai Cuisine

Thai food is one of my favorites and I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to have some for the blog (I’m not sure I would count Ruby Thai Kitchen).  Earlier this week I met up my with some family for dinner at Khun Suda Thai Cuisine.  It’s located on Douglas next to Togos and See’s.  A while back I walked in to grab a take-out menu, but never got around to actually eating here.

When we walked in the place was empty and the one server working told us to sit anywhere.  The dining room is fairly small with a cozy feel.  I liked the big windows along the two walls as it made it feel a bit larger and less closed in, which is how I feel at Ruen Thai despite it being about 2-3 times bigger.  The server got our drinks as we went over the menu.  I just got a Coke.  My brother ordered a Thai iced tea.  If you’ve never had it, I suggest you try it at least once.  It’s a really interesting drink and one I wasn’t actually sure how to describe.  Wikipedia saysThai iced tea or cha yen (Thai: ชาเย็น) in Thailand is a drink made from strongly brewed black tea. This tea is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served chilled. Evaporated milk, coconut milk or whole milk is generally poured over the tea and ice before serving to add taste and creamy appearance“.  I’ve never quite felt like I could commit to it for an entire meal because it’s a bit more sweet and less refreshing than other options, but it’s definitely interesting.  I’m more likely to order one by itself somewhere.

Our server checked on us and I asked about the Pumpkin Curry, which was on the daily specials board.  He explained it in more detail than I remember but he said it was similar to a red curry with Indian curry powder, chicken and Thai-seed pumpkin.  We ordered that along with Chicken Pad See Ew, Vegetarian Pad Thai and the Thai Salad.

The salad came out first and had a dense browish-orange dressing.  I hadn’t looked at the description (Mixed fresh vegetable salad with onions, tomatoes and boiled eggs topped with tasty peanut curry sauce dressing) and when I took my first bite I was a little surprised by the peanut-curry sauce.  It was really good, I just would have never imagined that kind of flavor would work on a salad.  We all liked it and I will definitely order it again in the future.

Three spicy condiments were brought out with the salad.  The server arranged them in order of hotness and explained each one a bit.  I didn’t have any of them, but a couple years ago on a trip to Thailand I put some of the hottest on something and breathed fire for the next 5 minutes, so I stay away from those now 😉

My brother had picked out the vegetarian Pad Thai (rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu and egg stir fried in a sweet and sour paprika sauce, served with ground peanuts and lime).  I had a little bit, and it was good, but the other two entree items were of much more interest to me.  Pad See Ew (thick rice noodles with choice of meat, broccoli, egg and sweet soy sauce) is probably my favorite Thai dish (my Mom’s as well), followed very closely behind by red curry.  I ordered it with chicken since I know my mom likes it that way, but usually I like it with pork.  It’s amazing with either.  This was one of the best orders I’ve had up with Ruen Thai’s, which I’ve long thought was some of the best around.

The Pumpkin Curry (red curry, coconut milk, Indian curry powder, Thai pumpkin, red & green bell pepper, sweet basil) was rich and delicious.  My mom and I each ordered a serving of sticky rice to put it over.  Brown and Jasmine rice are also available.  This was as good as the red curry I would normally order in it’s place.  I took the leftovers of this and the Pad See Ew to work the next day for lunch and they both reheat very well.  Anytime I have Thai food I like to order enough to have leftovers since it’s still excellent the next day.

Khun Suda has taken the spot of my favorite Thai restaurant in Roseville and 2nd favorite all time (1st is Auburn Thai Garden).  Our server was extremely nice, patient and helpful.  The only thing they were missing was a roasted duck curry, one of my favorite dishes.  Next time I’m here I think I might try out the fried banana/ice cream.  I just now noticed it on the specials board from the photo and it sounds like it could be good.

Click here for scanned take out menu.



4 thoughts on “#55: Khun Suda Thai Cuisine

  1. Fabulous! Everything you (and your Mom) liked was great. My friend and I intend to bring our families for further experimenting. Pete’s Mom

  2. What, no Dr. Pepper? Do you find you have more meals with friends and family since starting this thing? That would be pretty great.

    1. Can’t remember, possibly. Once in a great while I’ll choose Coke over it though when I’m in the mood. Eating out with friends/family is probably about the same, it more directly affects where we go though.

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