#192: Milo’s Grill

It’s been a little while but I’m still alive and today I’m back to work.  Some time ago I discovered that Tuesday is the day to go to the Galleria.  Milos Grill was the last place on my list inside the mall so I waited for today to head over there and avoid any crowds.  Early on in the blog I visited Milo’s Cheesesteaks and Gyros over on Foothills at Pleasant Grove.  I was not sure if this one was related or not.  There is a 3rd Milo’s out in Rocklin too.  I learned tonight from one of the employees that they are all, in fact, related.  Different family members own and operate each one.  The parents and originators opened the Rocklin one, their sons opened this one in the mall and their daughter(s?) opened the other one in Roseville.  They seem to be generally independent of each other aside from that relation.

I headed into the Galleria at about 5:30PM.  It was nice and quiet, not as much as last time though.  Upstairs in the food court, Milo’s Grill is front and center, back to back with Ruby Thai Kitchen in the middle of the court.  I walked up and started going over the menu.  There were a few employees working at the time.  I chatted with one momentarily about cameras and a minute or so later one of the others asked if I had any questions.  The menu is split across three static LCD displays.  The first is gyros, the second hoagies and the third finishes up with vegetarian options, a kids section, sides and desserts.  I asked if the gyros are standalone (and phrased the question to not include the word gyros because I wanted to see how she pronounced them.  Unfortunately she called them sandwiches so the plan failed).  She confirmed that they are sold by themselves and that you can add a side like fries, salad or onion rings.  I then asked how big they were.  She led me down to the other end of the stand (to the far right of the photo) to show me some made up displays of several dishes.  They were decent sized, probably a little larger than one at Daphne’s.  I decided to get a standard beef/lamb gyro and add some seasoned fries.  With a drink this came out to just over $10.

I was handed a pager, similarly to Buckhorn Grill.  This must be standard for many of the Galleria food joints.  I took a seat nearby and waited a short time, about 4 minutes, before the pager went off.  Soon I was back at my table with my tray.  On it was a plate with the gyro and a good amount of fries.  Alongside was several napkins and packets of ketchup.  The gryro was nice and hot, slightly steaming away.  The fries were also hot, so everything was fresh and cooked to order.  The fries seemed to be normal ones, but after looking at their menu again they must have been the seasoned ones because the only other options were cajun and garlic.  Indeed they had a little bit of spice to them, though it was not as visible as the ones from the other Milo’s in Roseville.  They were pretty good both on their own and with ketchup, and they were fairly crisp.

The gyro was packed with meat, hot chili peppers, tomatoes, grilled onions and (I think both based on the flavor and the fuzzy menu when I zoom WAY in on it) Sriracha sauce.  The whole thing is topped with cool and creamy Tzatziki sauce.  This was fantastic from start to finish.  The pita bread was incredibly soft, warm and very tasty even on it’s own.  The beef/lamb blended meat was hot, very juicy and tender.  The combo of hot peppers and Sriracha sauce added a really rich flavor and spice that built over consecutive bites and was simultaneously tempered by the Tzatziki sauce.  It was a great combo.  The further into this gyro the more meat I encountered.  I think it was a pretty good value for $7.

Overall I was quite impressed by this Milo’s.  By the end I had talked with all three employees that I saw and all were very friendly.  I asked before I left which pronunciations of gyros they hear and which one they think is correct.  I was told they get year-oh, ghee-row, guy-row and jai-row, and that they go by guy-row.  I’ve heard them all and have never seen any unanimous agreement on any of them as being correct, which is why I am always curious what the business goes by when I encounter them.  The best explanation I’ve heard is that in Greece it starts with a sound that is a mixture of all three which is not a common sound in the English language, so they are all kind of correct and all accepted.  Now that I’m done with the Galleria eateries (unless I’ve missed one, please let me know in the comments if I have!), I have to say that we have a very solid food offering available in our mall.  There is something for everyone, even with the few chains in there.

Website: http://www.eatatmilos.com (seems outdated)

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