#72: Chicago Fire

I’ve been trying to get to posting about Chicago Fire now for at least 5 months.  I went there back in January but got busy and never got a chance to write the post up.  This last weekend I got to try again.  I will sprinkle in some photos from the first visit as well (including this foggy one up top that I love).

Chicago Fire is a small chain of pizza restaurants in the Sacramento area.  There are two locations in Folsom, one in Midtown Sacramento and one here in Roseville.  My friends and I have long been fans of the Midtown location, so I was happy to see it take over the building by United Artists where Black Angus once lived.  They serve deep dish Chicago-style pizzas (I’ve never been to Chicago and had the real thing, so I’m not going to say that it is or isn’t legit, I just take them on their word).  They do have some other options as far as pizzas go including thin and stuffed crusts but I’ve never ventured from the deep-dish to see if they’re as good.  Now that I write that I think next time I’ll check out the thin and see how it is, I do love a good thin crust.

In all the times I’ve been to Chicago Fire, be it a few dozen times in Midtown or the handful of times in Roseville so far, I haven’t been super adventurous with my ordering.  I typically always start out with an order of Greek Fries (Shoestring fries tossed with fresh garlic, oregano, olive oil, grated parm & squeeze of lemon) and get a deep-dish pizza which ends up being all meat, combo,  pepperoni + green peppers or some half and half mix of 2 of those.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the deep dish pizzas take just over a half hour to make so be patient.  This weekend we called in our pizza order before my friends and I headed down to give them a head start since we were starving.  It was pretty late when we arrived, about 9:30pm.  The weather was amazing by then and I noticed that they had a couple of the large windows on the front side wide open (with screens).  We sat in a smaller area closer to the entryway where the windows were still closed though our server was more than happy to open them up for us on request.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to Chicago Fire in the Daylight but in the evening it’s a pretty dark place with lots of moody lighting.

This night our fries arrived within 10 minutes of sitting down (we did not order these over the phone with the pizza).  They were as good as they always are.  We squeezed the two lemon slices over the whole plate and dug in.  Most of the garlic was below the surface this time so the last half was really rich.  Our pizza arrived right after we finished up the fries.  Our server placed it on a metal stand that each table has one or two of.  I’m not sure what the intended purpose of the stand is (to keep a hot pan off the table?  To help minimize table space usage?) but I like that it keeps the pizza mostly out of the way and I can stash drinks and other things below it.  Here the server always asks if they may serve up the first slices for everyone, probably because getting the first slice out is a little difficult, especially since the pan sits so high up.  I’ve even had servers come by later and check if we wanted additional slices served up.  Generally I have good to great service here and Saturday night was no exception.  Opening up the windows was nice, he was friendly and on top of our refills till the end.

The pizza was great as usual.  I love the deep dish crust here even though I’m not usually into thicker crusts.  Usually it’s because I’d rather be enjoying the toppings and cheese than filling up on bread.  This crust is so good however that it’s about as enjoyable on it’s own when you reach the end of the slice.  They do a great job of taking all the things that I don’t like in other pizzas and turning my opinion completely around.  As an example, I don’t care much for heavy sauce or sauce on top of other toppings and I prefer cheese on top to hold everything in place .  Here the cheese goes on the bottom, the sauce on top, and I love it.  I always leave stuffed, with leftovers in hand and telling myself that a large is too much even for 3 hungry adults.  Unfortunately my stomach has other ideas the next time I come here for dinner.


As of this posting the Google Map location was way off and south of Douglas so I used the Eating Through Roseville map instead.  I submitted a correction so hopefully that will be fixed soon.


5 thoughts on “#72: Chicago Fire

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t mention Zelda’s in this post. I know some people love that place to death, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Chicago Fire. Of all the places in California we miss frequenting, this is at the top of our list. Have you ever had their chocolate chip cookie pizza for dessert?

    1. Haha, you know, I actually did mean to mention Zelda’s but totally spaced it. I do like Zelda’s but their service leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve never had the cookie pizza, is it anything like the pizzookie at BJ’s?

  2. I love this place! The last time I went there, I saw a little ad for a spicy spicy pizza that I thought I’d try in stuffed pizza style next time I’m there.

    So, I should create a conceptual map of all your blog entries and then mark the ones I’ve commented on blue, the ones I haven’t commented on green and the ones I’ve left shitty comments on yellow. Then I will let each uncommented entry percolate until I’m able to do it blue justice. That would be the best “Reading Through ‘Eating Through Roseville’ ” I think.

    Oh, we recently went to one of the places on your list: Tomi Japanese Seafood Buffet. They seemed to have a nice selection of sushi and rolls, but I don’t know anything about those things. Their other buffet offerings didn’t taste great or it was just stuff I didn’t like, but I hope you have a different experience. They have a noodle bar too where you can order various ramens and/or udons, etc.

    1. Something I noticed regarding the different crust types is that they don’t list the same specialty pizzas for each type. It may be that they simply recommend the ones they’ve listed and that you can order whatever you like. I hope that is the case because I would like to try the chicken & garlic but on thin crust instead of stuffed.

      1. I’m pretty sure you’re right, because the new spicy kind was advertised as some other crust type, but when I asked if it could be ordered as a stuffed version, the server said yes.

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