#90: Blue Nami

Right off the bat I’m going to say that Blue Nami is my favorite sushi place in Roseville.  Mikuni is right up there, but whenever I think about sushi I almost always first think of (and go to) Blue Nami.  This post has been one in the making for a while.  Almost 10 months ago I went there for this post but got busy and never got around to writing it up.  I went again today with a couple of friends so I could finally officially cross it off the list.  These photos are from both visits.

Today I arrived at about 12PM to a mostly empty Blue Nami.  My friends Anne & Justin were already seated and snacking on complimentary edamame.  A vegetable tempura appetizer was already ordered on on the way. I’ve often heard comments that say Blue Nami and Mikuni are overpriced and you’re paying for ambiance rather than the food.  That’s probably partially true, but I like the ambiance so I don’t mind.  On one end there is a large water feature that spans most of the wall which I enjoy sitting near.  This isn’t to say that the sushi is lacking in quality, on the contrary I would argue that it’s some of the better and more consistent sushi we have in the area.

The seating is about the only thing I would mention as needing improvement.  The tables and chairs are large, heavy and bulky wooden things.  The seats themselves are flat and uncomfortable.  I was barely able to sqeeze between several seats to get to mine which was right in the middle on the inside of a group of four 4-person tables.  If they had been occupied I probably would have had to ask someone to get up.

I opened up the heavy, leather bound menu, more to confirm what I was already planning on ordering than to make a decision.  I went with Sushi Combo C (soup, salad, 5x nigiri, 4x sashimi & 1 roll from the premium “sushi wave” list).  This is a pricey but delicious combo that has a little bit of everything.  I wasn’t seated long before the waitress came by to get my drink and the rest of our orders.  The vegetable tempura appetizer came out while she was taking the orders.  I recall there being carrot, onion, broccoli, zucchini and maybe one to two others.  I don’t know what the dipping sauce is, but it’s light and tasty.