AM9: Beto’s Tacos

A little blog news before we get to Beto’s. Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s been unusually quiet here for the last couple months. I’ve had a really difficult time finding the motivation to write posts lately. I spent some amount of time wondering if I was even going to continue or not. Long story short, I am! I’m making some changes though. I’ve altered the look of the site with a new theme that will allow larger photos than before. Partly I’ve always wanted to do that (but was too lazy) and also because I now want the images to do more of the talking. Writing has always taken the vast majority of the time it take me to put one of these together, so I want to slim that down and get back to the part that really matters to me, trying new things in the area and sharing them. I hope you’ll all still find it useful/entertaining!

I’ve been bowling at Fireside Lanes on Auburn, on Tuesdays recently, and have been meaning to try some of the places nearby for dinner rather than the cafe inside the bowling alley, which is rough to say the least.  Through April on Tuesdays my plan is to check a new place out each week.  I start today with Beto’s Tacos, located on Auburn just north of Antelope.

My assumption going into this was that it’s an Adalbertos/Carolina’s clone.  Turns out I was right!  Though it felt like it might be more of a one off, individually owned & operated location, Google maps brings up a few more in the area.  I have no idea if they are actually related or not.

The two-person staff was friendly and immediately greeted me when I came in.  After looking over the menu (virtually identical to Adalberto’s) I picked my usual #2, the 2 Shredded Beef Taco combo that comes with beans & rice.  With a soda, the total was $11.05.

I grabbed complimentary chips and some salsas, one of which I’ve never seen before.  It was creamy and had a bit of a kick to it.  Overall the chips and salsa were very typical for a place like this, which is to say very mediocre.

My food came out in a quick 5 or 6 minutes, and looked exactly as I expected, although the cheese was white rather than yellow.  The tacos were extremely hot & crisp.  They must have come right from the frier because they were a little greasier than I have experienced elsewhere.  Overall I like these ones better than the Carolina’s that is much closer to home because they were packed with beef, and that beef was not over-cooked..  The beans and rice were pretty normal, perhaps slightly saltier.  Mixed together with the scraps of lettuce and leftover crispy taco shell fragments is the only way for me!

I would absolutely return.  Service, speed and quality were all good, and to top it off the place felt nice and clean.

Menu (assembled from photos of the actual menu in the store, scanner apps for phones are really impressive these days!): Click Here

Website: none that I can find.