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I try to keep up on new openings but there doesn’t seem to be a perfect source for this kind of news.  Leave me a comment on this page to inform me of a new restaurant that you know about so I can add it to The Map.  Check my list of completed restaurants to see if I’ve already been there!


142 thoughts on “Submit a new Restaurant

  1. It’s not “new” and I’m not sure if you know about it but El Azteca Taqueria on Foothills and Baseline in the Bel Air shopping center is just about the best auuthentic mexican food around. They catered my wedding and all of my hispanic friends whose parents hail from Mexico said it was the best restaurant mexican they’ve had. These are women who have been cooking homemade for years and don’t like to eat out. Give it a try…it’s just a whole in the wall place where you walk up and order food but no one I’ve taken there has ever been disappointed. Plus, it’s owned by a really nice local family and I always like to support small business. Enjoy!

  2. How about Bombay Bistro?

    I’ve been to quite a few Indian restaurants in the Sacramento area, and have settled on this as my favorite. I go out once a week for lunch, and 99% of the time, Bombay Bistro is the choice. The lunch buffet has a good choice of vegetarian and meat dishes. They mix up the offerings from day-to-day, depending on what might be made for their catering business. And, AND, the garlic nan bread is normal fare…I can’t say enough about how much I love this place…Anyways, give it a shot, would ya?

    1. Ah, it’s hidden back in that shopping center, I have it on the list but I haven’t been thinking about it! I’ll be sure to check that out soon, love Indian food!

  3. Vernon street cafe is great. Small mom and pop great food. I saw you went down Vernon street without stopping there. I think its a must have every time I go to to roseville. Live down in citrus heights.

  4. I suggest Bambu Vietnamese/Chinese food in the Safeway Shopping Center at Pleasant Grove and Roseville Parkway (1090 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste 100). When we first moved to West Roseville from Sacramento. We were so disappointed in the Chinese restaurants in the area. We tried many restaurants (Wonderful Chinese was misnamed). Usually we went away disappointed telling ourselves that we would drive back to Sacramento to have our favorite Chinese and we did MANY times. One day, when we were short on time, we tentatively walked into Bambu Asian Cuisine. Suddenly the clouds of gloom parted and we had a new favorite local place. Owned by siblings, this is a family affair, where everyone pitches in. The food is delicious and the service is friendly. Their chef’s specialties are the highlight, but we seem to order the combo. They have a rice dish served in pineapple. The orange chicken is crispy with pieces of orange peel. The Heavenly Fried Rice looks great served in a hollowed out pineapple half. But no matter what you try, this restaurant never disappoints.

    1. Sounds great, my mother has brought Bambu up several times and wants to go with me when I get to it. Have you tried Rose Garden over on Sunrise in the Bel Air shopping center? That was probably some of the best I’ve had so far.

  5. I saw you went to Better Foods and Deli. Have you tried Roundhouse Deli on Church St across from the Railroad? Old, Family owned, deli. It was a favorite growing up but I havent been there in awhile. I always see a ton of Railroad Workers out front at lunch time..

  6. Before going back to Vernon Street, plan ahead and make reservations at A Dash of Panache’s French-deco Tea Parlor for a High Tea. It’s a filling meal, served in multiple gourmet courses. Open Sundays (11a-4p) and Tue-Fri (10:30a-3p) and sometimes other times depending on whether they have events or large groups booked.

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for bringing this up. I’ve been very curious and confused about A Dash of Panache since I first drove by it and then read just about the entire website. I saw in the Q&A section an answer to “Is there anything for men here?” which is actually the only reason I didn’t remove it from my list. I’m still a little uneasy about it but maybe I’ll finally ‘get it’ after I come in. Should be an interesting post when I get to it.

  7. Check out the Iron Grill, next door to Smallcakes / Freshberry along Douglas Blvd. I haven’t eaten there yet, but it’s pretty groundbreaking to see a *real* Korean restaurant opening up in suburban Roseville. Let’s hope they don’t sell out to the neighborhood and remain authentic so we don’t have to trek down to Rancho Cordova or Arden-Arcade for good Korean food.

  8. Hello Sean,

    There’s a Vietnamese restaurant called “Pho Vietnamese Noodles” now located in what used to be the Chaat Cafe (7452 Foothills Blvd #100 – immediately next to Khobkoon Thai restaurant). They moved from a prior location on Pleasant Grove and Woodcreek.

    Keep up the good work! I’ve lived in Roseville for almost 19 years and you’ve introduced me to lot’s of new options.

    Pat B.

  9. Hello Sean,

    You are spot-on with your review of Sabores. Great food. One of my local favorites is Los Altos Authentic Mexican Food, 3031 Foothills Blvd at Vineyard. Great carnitas and maybe the best pico de gallo salsa I have ever tasted, but all of their salsas are excellent. The owner is always present, either preparing the food or taking the orders. Huge plates for the money. Your combination plate is $7.95 here at Los Altos, which might be the most inexpensive in town. Also, as another of your reader’s mentioned, Vernon Street Grill is a little jewel in downtown Roseville. Exceptionally clean, nice owners, and excellent food. Their french fries are tough to beat, huge order for $1.50, always fried to perfection, plus a big variety of sandwiches and subs.

    Good luck as you continue down your list of restaurants. It’s been an education for me and I thought I had tried them all.


  10. It’s ALMOST in Citrus Heights (just the other side of the sign, actually) and not at all new – but you should really check out Sushi House on North Sunrise (at Cirby, behind the Safeway). It’s not large, it’s not fancy, it’s not visually “impressive” – it’s just simple, delicious, fresh, authentic Japanese food at hands-down the best sushi prices I’ve seen in the tri-county area. I especially recommend the yakisoba – a dish you can’t find everywhere. I would love to get your take on it, because it’s my favorite Japanese restaurant ever.

    Seriously, I literally grew up on a different Japanese restaurant (one in Sacramento – they know my NAME) and straight up abandoned it for this place. It is that worth it.

    1. So I’ve actually been there, it was almost exactly a year ago (#29):

      I recall the sushi being good but I had a not great experience with the sushi chefs, which I think was entirely related to the fact that I was very new to ordering sushi and had a lot of questions for them which they seemed annoyed by (from my perspective). I suppose it’s worth putting an asterisk on that one and revisiting it now that I’m more familiar with sushi and how/what to order. I’ll definitely be making a note of the yakisoba and getting that next time I go, thanks for the recommendation!

  11. You Need to try!!!, Peruvian Cuisine , The Huaca Peruvian Cuisine
    9213 Sierra College Blvd
    Suite 140
    Roseville CA 95661

  12. Did you try El Azteca yet? I know someone else suggested it. Friday night after 7 is mariachi night. Also in the same center is Teryaki To Go. There are tow locations in Roseville but the one on Foothills is a lot better. Love te blog by the way, so fun to try new places and see what you think of our favorites. Looking forward to trying that new Thai place at te Stone Point center.

    1. Not yet, but I’ll make sure to do it soon. Thanks for the heads up on the Foothills location being better, I probably would have ended up at the Douglas one. Thanks for reading!

  13. Sean,

    When you return from vacation a new Chinese restaurant opened up in the past couple of months that you might find interesting. I’ve heard lots of good things about this place, although I haven’t yet visited this new spot.

    It’s Leo’s Chinese Bistro, 7441 Foothills Blvd, #180, near Pleasant Grove. What I have been told so far is they offer overly generous portions, huge menu selection, great sauces and seasonings, and some of the best Chinese food in the area. Lunches start at a bit over $5.

    1. As I was saying, bollywood chat and sweets. It’s in the location of the old “Hot Dog King” restaurant on baseline, about 1 block west of foothills.

      1. Hello again Sean, It looks like you’re too late to try this place as it’s already closed. I was there twice and I think it might have been the dirtiest place I’ve ever eaten at (not sure why I went twice though :-)).

      2. Crap, that was fast! There’s a new Indian market with (I think) a cafe inside on Pleasant Grove near Foothills. I haven’t added it my list because I haven’t caught the name yet.

  14. The next time you are in the mood for pizza, my favorite is Original Pete’s Pizza on Foothills… to hear your take 🙂 But, warning, they can be very busy Friday nights and they aren’t on the cheap side, so a coupon would come in handy!

  15. Hello Sean, I just found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading all your reviews. I suggest Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs on Douglas. They have a good variety of food and huge portions.

  16. I Love Teriyaki 4010 Foothills Blvd Roseville, CA
    This is a family owned restaurant. The place is clean and the service is friendly. I like the fact that everything is prepared in front of you. They have bento boxes as well as rice bowls. The spicy chicken is yummy. The sushi is great and a great value as well. You have to try this place:)

  17. Hi Sean, I wanted to suggest ‘The Black Bear” .Its over by “the four sisters” around Roseville , C
    ostco area.. I know its a chain. I`ve been there about 5 times . The Food for what it is always seams Good to me .. Waiting to see what you have to say. Thanks for what your doing ..Your a pretty cool guy..

  18. Sean, you should try to catch one of the opening nights at Chamas E Fogo, the new Brazilian steakhouse (churrascaria) opening in the next few weeks. I think it will be right next door to the excellent Ninja Sushi on Pleasant Grove. Steve, the owner of Ninja, is actually excited about this opening as it would draw a lot more “real diners” out to that strip mall. This area needs a churrascaria. Check it out, Sean!!

  19. Hello Sean,

    There’s a new restaurant I noticed today being put into the location of the old La Bou on Baseline and Foothills (in the same strip as the old Hot Dog King). I believe it’s called House of Crawfish & Seafood (or something like that). There’s only a sign there at this point, but something should be going in there soon.

    I also noticed a lot of work being done on the Brazilian Steak house mentioned above – There’s a professional sign on the space now and I believe the name is Fire and Flame ( or something like that – i didn’t think i’d forget in the 5 minutes it took me to drive home from there but i may have).

    Just when you thought you were out…

    1. Awesome recon, thanks for the info! I guess the Brazilian place decided to go English instead of Portuguese. It was originally supposed to be Chamas E Fogo.

      The Crawfish place should be interesting, Perhaps seafood with a southern theme? I’ll keep an eye on it.

      Colorado Grill & Deli Delicious opened their doors today. They’re in the same space, it’s a little odd. I guess I’ll have to go there twice!

  20. I’ve noticed that the Japanese buffet on the corner of N Sunrise and E Roseville Pkwy is now a Korean Grill and sushi bar. Named “Di Jung” or something like that. Also, it appears the pasta restaurant in the Galleria may be repopening along with Quickly opening later this weeks. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Looks like Da Jung opened quietly in the last couple days. I stopped in and grabbed a menu. I’ll come back in a week or two to eat! I’ll have to look into Quickly to see how widespread they are. Mall locations are tricky.

  21. Bhan Thai on the corner of Rocky Ridge and Cirby has recently opened. There also is a new wine lounge (that will include food) opening next store to Cookie Connection. And on that topic, Final Gravity technically would also be considered since it serves food.

  22. Here’s another new one. The Pho Noodle place on Foothills & Pleasant Grove (right next to Khobkoon) has closed. There’s a new Japanese restaurant going in called Matsuyama (or something similar).

  23. What about The Chef’s Table? It’s technically Rocklin though. Corner of Blue Oaks and Lonetree Blvd, same parking lot as Icing on the Cupcake. Make sure you sit at the counter! It’s an open kitchen so you can watch them cook everything. The staff is amazing!

    1. Hi Reena,
      I’m a little confused by your comment. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and do plan to go there when they open.
      If you mean to apply to work there then you’ll have to go to the restaurant and inquire with them, I don’t have any information on that, sorry!

  24. Hey, we recently purchased a coupon booklet and I was looking through it and I may have some intel for you. The Baja Fresh in the middle of the pork controversy appears to be converting to “Ancho Mexican Grill.” Ancho, which appears to be a Chipotle ripoff but selling Baja Fresh ingredients has already converted one restaurant in Downtown Sacramento. The address of the current Roseville Baja Fresh was listed in the booklet under Ancho though so it’s probably going to happen soon.

      1. I drove past it today, and it indeed appears to be under renovations with the “Baja Fresh” logo removed from the wall.

  25. In the strip mall on the intersection of Pleasant Grove and Foothills (the one with Khobkoon thai food in it) there is a sign for Porters House of Drafts – this sounds like a beer related restaurant and it’s in the location of the Quizno’s that used to be there. I just noticed the sign as I was driving by and couldn’t do proper research…

    Also there’s what might be a restaurant called the Hookah Cafe in the location of the old Hot Dog King restaurant (Baseline & Foothills)

    1. Porter’s House of Drafts sounds good already! I’ve heard about the Hookah Cafe, I wonder if it is going to be something different than the hookah lounges in the area. I’ll keep an eye on it for sure. Thanks for the recon!

  26. Hi Sean,

    As Dancer and Prancer are getting ready for their annual send off, so is Paul Martin’s launching their new Holiday Menu on Friday, November 28th! The menu has once again incorporated seasonal, locally sourced ingredients including the Southern Fried Game Hen served with an Apple Slaw that is tossed in a Cider Maple Vinaigrette. Another new addition is the Grilled Lamb Sirloin served on a bed of farro with shitake mushrooms, spinach and roasted cipolline onions. In addition, the Linguini and Clams- served in buerre blanc – a butter sauce made with a reduction of white wine and lemon, will also be available.

    Wash this all down with Paul Martin’s homemade Egg Nog or a Jack Martin- a1920’s-inspired cocktail with muddled Italian Amarena cherries, lemon juice and Laird’s Applejack brandy.

    We’d love to have you in for dinner sometime in the next couple of weeks to try the new Holiday Menu which will be available until January 3rd. Let me know a date and time that works for you.

    Happy Holidays!

    Dana Kuritzkes
    Account Executive
    6600 Sunset Blvd., Suite 400
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Main: 323.443.7780
    Direct: 323.443.7783

      1. Can someone open a restaurant in Antelope that doesn’t have pizza or generic Chinese food? There isn’t a single place where I can get a mixed drink! All I want is a long- island iced tea! Is that so wrong?

  27. I noticed a new place (i think) called “Guys for Lunch” (or something similar). It’s right next to the yogurt shop on the SE corner of Foothills and Pleasant grove. I’m guessing the focus is on lunch…

  28. Just found “eating thru Roseville”. Enjoy it! Going to pass it along.
    May i suggest the Chef’s Table…6843 Lonetree Blvd. Rocklin & in the same “shopping center” China Villa. Thanks Lesley

  29. There’s a sign for an upcoming Indian restaurant and catering operation called White Lotus. It’s in the same building that houses the house of crawfish (on Baseline about a block west of the Baseline & Foothills intersection).

  30. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but there is now a Greek restaurant tucked behind Dimple Records on Douglas. I have no idea when it opened, however it was just there one day..

  31. Hey Sean,

    Love the blog! Since you are trying places outside the Roseville area, there’s a fairly new pizza place called Celestino’s NY Pizza and Pasta in Rocklin.

  32. Two Boneshaker brewpubs now open, but I think both are considered Rocklin (never know where the borders are!). One is at the corner of Park & Sunset – that one’s been around a few years – and the new one opened up on Granite Drive, just off Rocklin Rd (this one’s hard to find). I know Sean’s open to reviewing places outside of Roseville, though I’m sure Rocklin feels a lot like ‘more of the same’ as Roseville. I mean, how may pizza and Pho places can you visit!??

  33. Hope you will try Rubino’s Restaurant on Pacific in Rocklin. Wonderful Italian food (have won many awards). The decor, servers and owners are wonderful!!!

  34. Tirupati South Indian Vegetarian Kitchen in the indian market on Pleasant Grove near foothills (near Guy’s for Lunch). Make sure you have a dosa which is a specialty of south Indian food. The food is spicey so if you are not into that let then know.

  35. There’s a new restaurant open in the space where Kozoku used to be (they moved into a different space in the same strip mall). There’s only a sign for Kebab’s & Pitas – I don’t know the name…

  36. new and just opened today– Pho vegan cuisine. I am not sure of the official name as there opening was just today and they have yet to have business cards or to go menu’s as that was delayed. They food is very good and they give a ton of it. It is in the same center at Sliders Burgers (just a few doors down). 6601 Standford Ranch. They are open everyday and even though they had no advertising most of the tables were full at 6:30pm and everyone was raving about the food and telling others coming in that they loved and and were “far from vegan”. A variety of asian food and drinks.

  37. As someone who moved into the area last year, I have found your website a great way to find new places to eat. Thank You! I would like you to check out a fairly new BBQ place on Pacific Street in Rocklin – Dobson’s Sweet Treats and BBQ Meats ( It has some of the best ribs I have had ever! Their lunch plates are a great value – 1, 2, or 3 meats, a side, dessert, and ice tea. Generous portions. It is my new favorite restaurant and since you have helped me find so many good places I wanted to return the favor (and your website did say you are branching out of Roseville…).

    1. Awesome, I’m really glad you have found the site useful! And thanks for he recommendation, we don’t have a lot of BBQ in the area so I am excited to check it out!

  38. Hi Sean,

    A few months back I posted about a sign for a new restaurant called “White Lotus” in the same building where the House of Crawfish is (the corner of Baseline & Foothills). Last night I noticed that it’s open, but the name on the building is now “Milan Curry House.”

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I had checked over there a bunch and ended up forgetting about it because I never saw it. I’ve got it on my list now and will go soon!

      1. Hello Sean, You missed out on “Milan Curry House” as it appears to have shut down. However, there’s a “Coming Soon” sign on the same locations for a place called “Tandoori Bites”

  39. Hello again Sean,

    There’s a new pizza place with a “coming soon” sign hanging in front of it. It’s called Chicago’s Pizza and it’s in the plaza on the SE corner of Foothills and Pleasant Grove. It’s 2 doors down from Leo’s Chinese Kitchen.

  40. Aloha from the beautiful island of Kauai! I followed your blog faithfully when I lived in Ca and so happy you are back after the short break!
    There is a great little Vietnamese place that just relocated from Lincoln- DT Noodle. They are located in the same center and Kuzoko Chicken.
    Their #13 Banh Mi was a staple of my diet the past few years.
    Lincoln land lord pushed them out with an unreasonable lease making Roseville the lucky ones!
    I don’t know what I would have done though as picking between Kazuko and DT would be hard!

  41. Sean, you should check out Little My Tho, a new Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Sunset & Park (strip mall behind the Arco Station & B of A). YES, there are probably too many Vietnamese restaurants in our area, but this one’s a cut above the others. The owner used to own Pho Saigon up the road (Blue Oaks & Fairway), but sold that one, waited 2 1/2 years, then set up a new place. His cooking is a notch more upscale than most other Vietnamese restaurants, but he needs some press to stay in business. VERY tough for ethnic or independent restaurants to stay in business in Rocklin (maybe even moreso than Roseville) – Rocklin is VERY ‘white bread’. Stop by and see what you think!

  42. I was certain I read your review of the Curry Bowl on Eating Through Roseville. I can’t find it on your site. Anyway, we loved it. For about $12 each my husband and I each chose 2 vegetarian curries. So we could sample from 4 different bowls with rice and very fresh naan. There were meat choices too. The wait staff were very helpful in understanding the choices and offered whatever level of spicy heat we preferred. It’s located on Lone Tree just down the street from the Rocklin theaters. I told my mom about your emails and she wants you to do this for Bolivar, MO too. Well, maybe that’s a little out of your way.

  43. Gee Sean, don’t sound so enthusiastic LOL. Really love your reviews – especially when you review something other than pizza/brew, burger/brew, or brew pubs. Glad you just posted your review on Aria – that’s not your ordinary mall spot!

    1. Hmm, I just checked on McCormick & Schmick’s and it’s not quite as large a chain as I thought (but it is nationwide, roughly 60 locations). I might have to do a visit on them anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

  44. Love reading your reviews. Work in the business so I love restaurants. So I just passed the grand opening of Bens Huli Huli chicken, which happens to be right across the street from Crepes and Burgers, which looks to be opening any day. Both are right on Auburn blvd, south of the 80. Plus one more, it might be far for you to go but OZ Korean BBQ in Rancho, heard it is the most grossing restaurant in the Sacramento region.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve never been to OZ but have heard good things for a long time. I’ve been keeping an occasional eye on the crepe & burger place and hadn’t heard of the other one.

  45. Hello Sean, and welcome back!

    If it’s not on your list already you should add “Flour Dust Pizza”. It’s a small-ish place in the mall on the NW corner of Foothills & Junction.

    Pat B.

  46. Check out Burger Lounge in the Fountains Roseville. Burger meat(4.5), Bun(3.0), Toppings(4.5), Fries(2.0) way too salty, Onion Rings(2.0) way too greasy with strange tasting coating. Wanted to try the dairy free shake but an employee said they are too sweet. Interested in the Cod fish burger. Felt the place was expensive for the quality. Overall about a 3..maybe 3.5.

  47. How about the Asian Blossom at 4120 Douglas Blvd Suite 301 in Granite Bay, CA? I went there thinking it was the same place you reviewed. Not sure if this is a different location or different owners. Anyway. ate there twice and had the Lemon Grass Chicken, Bun, Orange Chicken and the Chicken with Baby Bok Choy. All very good dishes, although the Lemon Grass seemed to have such a smoky taste I had to ask if they added smoke. The best dish was the Orange Chicken and that was amazing (a bit better than Jing Jing in Rocklin). High quality ingredients and nice comfortable modern interior.

  48. Add to my previous comment: Now I know what the confusion was The address and map in your review are correct, but the review text reads “Asian Blossom is located kitty corner from the Galleria in the same shopping center as BJ’s. ” .

    1. Interesting about the map showing the Douglas location for Asian Blossom. Since I never updated it this may very well be the same restaurant in a new location.

  49. Lola’s Tequila Bar & Cocina on Eureka in Roseville.
    Went there and got….

    (1) a large combination with a pork tamale and carnita taco.
    Beans-5, very yummy
    Taco-3, huge strange chunks of pork
    Tamale-5, very good masa. good pork.

    (2) a mole chicken plate-1 out of 5, worst mole I’ve ever had.

    Salsa-2 out of 5, too sweet

  50. FYI.
    Bay Boys out of Tracy, CA. will be moving into the old Islands location in Roseville as Bay Boys Bar and Grill.

    Nubbins, a Roseville drive-in spot for decades has been sold. Not sure if the new owner will continue with a similar operation, change or raze it.

  51. You should try the Falafel Corner in Folsom. Amazing Food and high quality ingredients and nice comfortable modern interior.

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