#156: Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs

Following a recent discussion thread on Reddit’s Roseville sub about the best breakfast spots in Roseville, I had breakfast on the brain.  This morning I decided to act on it and give the new Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs a shot.  Peg’s is a family owned and operated restaurant with four other locations, all in the Reno area.  They opened sometime around early August and seem to be doing some solid business already.  I recall driving by last weekend just before 11 and they had a line of people waiting outside.

I opted for an earlier breakfast to beat the masses and met my parents here at 7:40AM.  There were about a half dozen tables seated and things were pretty quiet overall.  We walked through the doors with two other parties and all 3 groups were seated within a minute or so.  This is a pretty nice sized space for a breakfast joint.  The dining room wraps around an open kitchen and in front is a good sized patio that they were starting to get set up as we sat down.  Almost immediately our server came by to introduce himself, bring us water and take our drink orders.  We all said coffee and he was back within a minute and filling our mugs.  We discovered that the glass sugar container had a giant crack running through it and pointed this out to him when he stopped by to see if we were ready to order.  Hit took that away and eventually brought a new one.  I stole a nearby table’s sugar in the mean time.  The menu (PDF) is fairly small, just a single legal size sheet.  Lunch is on the back, along with a little info about how Peg’s came to be.  The main sections for breakfast are Eggs (where you will find eggs paired with things like steak, corned beef hash and salmon), Skillets, Benedicts, NY-style bagels, Pancakes & Things, omelettes and a section with Hawaiian breakfast cuisine.  I found things that sounded good in each one.  Eventually I narrowed it down to a couple of the Benedicts.

We ordered and I sipped my coffee while we waited.  I had let it sit for a while to cool off since I like my taste buds in their normal, non-burnt state.  It turned out that the coffee actually wasn’t as blazing hot as I thought it was.  It was very drinkable, temp-wise, and I found it to be excellent in strength (the stronger the better).  While we waited and talked about the other Peg’s locations (my parents had been to one of the ones in Reno) the dining room slowly and steadily filled up.  By the time we left at around 8:20 there were only a couple of free tables.  When I drove by later this morning, at about 10:45, there were a lot of people waiting outside waiting for tables.

A little under 15 minutes after ordering, our food arrived.  Our server brought all three plates out at once and asked if we needed anything.  I reminded him of a side of bacon, which I didn’t see, and he nodded as he turned back to the kitchen.  The bacon was right out in less than a minute.  Of the two benedicts I was considering, my dad and I ended up ordering both.  I went with the California Bene (turkey, avocado & tomato)[$11.99], my dad with the Chef George’s Bene (chorizo patties, topped w/chipotle hollandaise)[$11.99] and my mom chose Joe’s Special (eggs scrambled w/mushroom, spinach & onion, choice of ground chuck or ground turkey)[$10.99] with turkey.  All of us had a choice of hash browns or grits.  Both my parent with with the grits and I chose hash browns.  The grits were steaming like crazy and were a pretty good serving.  Joe’s special was heavy with turkey, so much so that at first my mom was wondering if there were actually any eggs in it.  She said it was very good, as were the grits.  My dad also enjoyed his Chef George’s Bene, with it’s reddish-orange chipotle-hollandaise.  I gave the hollandaise a taste.  It was very flavorful and even had a surprising kick to it.  I could definitely see ordering that in the future.

My California Bene was pretty much everything I wanted it to be.  The eggs were fluffy around the edges with a gooey yolk and atop small piles of thinly sliced turkey which looked, from the marks on it, like it had been heated up on a griddle.  Under that were slices of avocado and tomatoes, all of which was on an English muffin.  The hollandaise sauce was creamy and incredibly rich, maybe the best I’ve had.  There was no shortage of it either.  Down to the last bite I had plenty.  I really enjoyed this benedict.  My bacon, not as much.  I think the main reason was that it seemed to be very lean bacon, with no crispy fatty bits.  It was all very uniform, still quite greasy, though it was almost more oily than greasy.  It was kind of odd.  The flavor was ok, but I doubt I would order bacon here again if this is normal.  The hash browns were pretty good, though I think next time I would ask for them to be crispier.  They lacked the texture I love from Waffle Barn’s hash browns.

Overall I thought Peg’s was very, good, with a little room for improvement mainly with the bacon.  I would rate it up there with my top two, Four Sisters Cafe and Waffle Barn.  I read a bunch about how Peg’s is loved by it’s customers in Reno and it’s often voted the best breakfast up there.  I’m glad we have them here in Roseville, but they’re up against some serious competition from the Four Sisters for best, in my opinion.


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