Welcome to Eating Through Roseville (and more)!

What’s next on my list? (in no particular order)

Ever find yourself in Rancho Cordova?  Check out my side mission from 2015 — Rancho Salads: A salad at a new restaurant every day in Rancho Cordova.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Eating Through Roseville (and more)!

  1. Love this project, your writing style and of course working and eating in Roseville ! You should hit up the Food Trucks in downtown on Thursdays… You could knock out a few of those food trucks!

    1. I may just do that. I recently added some of the downtown events to my calendar so that I would actually remember to go down to them once in a while!

      1. I think it was you who turned me on to my first ‘artisanal’ food truck scramble several years back on this blog, Sean.
        I’ve really appreciated all of your hard work and tasting on this blog!

  2. I am SO happy that you are going to continue your “journey”. I think your writing is just fine – you also have a great sense of humor. This is one of my favorite websites!! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Hey-Chandos and Krush typically come to my work on Thursdays. They were both here yesterday…if you’ve been looking for them. Also, I’d like to recommend High Hands Nursery for Brunch…technically Loomis – but it’s so good!

    1. Both Chando’s and Krush are apparently opening permanent, physical locations, so that’s what I’m waiting on. They usually go to the downtown events with their trucks too and I’ve tried them out there. I went to High Hand once for dinner and it was awesome! Maybe I should think about putting together a list of unique outskirts places to visit…

  4. I think you should eat through Rocklin and Loomis; we’re sparsely restauranted. Then perhaps a few years hence, Auburn. It wouldn’t take very long.

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