#118: New Thai Kitchen (renamed My Thai Kitchen)

I just returned from dinner at a Thai place called New Thai Kitchen, which is located next to The Pita Pit and Costa Vida, in the Stone Point shopping center on Eureka.  I think I found out about this restaurant from the Yelp deal that I bought.  It’s still available if you want to get one ($10 for $20 deal at New Thai Kitchen).  I remembered seeing on their specials board, which they had sitting outside on the day I went to Costa Vida, that they had some excellent sounding curries that you don’t always see at other Thai places.  Yelp deal in hand I met up with my mom and we went in at just after 5PM.

We were the only customers and were greeted and seated immediately by a friendly waitress.  She took our drink orders right then and there.  I ordered a Thai iced tea and we both got waters.  I could see the specials board up on the kitchen counter but had to get up closer to be able to read it.  There I saw the curries that were there before: mango(red curry in coconut milk, basil and bell peppers), pumpkin(red curry in coconut milk, basil and bell peppers) & avocado(green curry in coconut milk, carrots and avocado).  I’ve only ever seen avocado curry at Auburn Thai Garden, which I’ve considered to be either the best or tied with Khun Suda Thai as the best Thai restaurant I’ve been to, and their avocado curry is amazing.  I knew I would be ordering that for sure.  As I sat back down our drinks were brought out.  My iced tea was un-mixed and had some straw wrapper art going on, which I’ve never seen before.  I thought this was a nice little touch!  I mixed it up and started sipping on it while we figured out what else we would order.  We decided on the Pad Se-iew (wide size rice noodles, egg, broccoli, carrot, mushroom in a sweet soy sauce), shrimp rolls (fried prawns in crispy wrappers. Served with sweet ‘n sour sauce and chopped roasted peanuts) and chicken satay (strips of chicken breast grilled on bamboo skewers and served with a side of peanut sauce and cucumber salad).

I’m embarrassed to report my very first spilled drink since starting Eating Through Roseville.  I dumped my nearly full iced tea right over.  My camera only sustained minimal splattering and I yanked it off the table before the rush of orange liquid could do more damage.  I used my hand to keep as much of it on the table as possible while the entire staff jumped into action.  They were all really good-natured about it and several were laughing, along with my mom and I.  We were moved to another table and I had a brand new iced tea waiting for me there before I had even sat back down.  They were on top of things.  1 out of 118, I think that’s pretty respectable considering how often I’m shifting plates and glasses around to get the right angle or light for a shot 😉

The layout has a somewhat open kitchen.  If it weren’t for the tallish counter we would be able to watch our food being cooked.  You can certainly hear the sizzling and steaming going on in there.  Soon we had our appetizers in front of us.  The chicken satay had four flat strips of grilled chicken on skewers.  I thought these were pretty good.  The chicken was fairly moist and tender.  The peanut sauce was a bit thinner than I’m used to, but the flavor was spot on despite that.  The cucumber salad added a nice crisp texture.  The shrimp rolls were really good.  I loved the incredibly crispy fried wrap on it, and the prawns/shrimp were good sized.  A little or a lot of sweet & sour sauce was good on these.  It wasn’t overpowering so I was able to add a bunch and get more of the flavor without covering up the taste of the prawns.  These two appetizers were a nice size to split between two people.  We ate them both completely and had plenty of room for the main course.

Our waitress cleared our appetizer plates and, not long after, the curry and noodles arrived.  These were both a good size.  We were planning on saving enough so my mom could take home a serving for my dad and it worked out perfectly.  The avocado curry was loaded with super green, ripe avocados and there was plenty of pork in it as well (choice of pork, chicken beef or seafood [probably prawns]) and was really, really good.  I loved the consistency with the smooth texture of the avocados.  I’m used to this being pretty spicy at Auburn Thai, since the people I always go there with like it that way.  I have to say I kind of miss that heat, but I’m certain New Thai Kitchen is fully capable of making it that way if requested.  My mom is not a fan so I have to do that when she’s not with me.  I will say that after a while one of the dishes did show a touch of heat, not really enough to do anything, but enough to notice if you hadn’t taken a drink for a while.  The pad se-iew was fantastic, and I think this might be my new favorite place for it.  Everything was perfect, the noodles were slippery and cooked just right, the flavor of the sweet soy sauce was rich, the pork was nice and tender (occasionally been a bit dry elsewhere) and the good balance of all the other ingredients in general.  I kind of wish I was still eating some right now.

Unfortunately we had no room for dessert.  This was a pretty good amount of food at reasonable prices.  I will absolutely be returning, I think New Thai Kitchen easily ranks up there with the best Thai restaurants, maybe even making my favorite a three-way tie with Auburn Thai and Khun Suda.  The staff were all very friendly, super fast and efficient.  Definitely some of the faster service I’ve seen at the Thai places I’ve been.

Website: http://www.newthaikitchen.com/


2 thoughts on “#118: New Thai Kitchen (renamed My Thai Kitchen)

  1. This is my new favorite Thai in Roseville. I think their Pad se iew is the best in town. 🙂 The Mango curry is wonderful too.

  2. I absolutely loved the Pad Thai Noodles @ spicy #2. The ‘hotness’ index goes from 1-5 and being a lover of hot spicy food I ordered a level 3 the first time. WOW! kind of hot, had 3 beers to cool off, after that it was level 2 and perfect, I would love to get someone’s opinion of level 5 but I am not brave enough to attempt it. All the food is great and the service fast-N-friendly, lots of food for the price so we end up taking some home. I will go back often.

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