#241: My Thai Kitchen


ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 001 2016-06-02 18-50-33

Tonight I decided it had been far too long since I’ve had Thai food, and there was (possibly) a new place where New Thai Kitchen had been in-between Blue Nami and Paul Martin’s.  I say possibly because it seemed odd to me that one of the absolute best Thai places the area has to offer would go out, but also because My Thai Kitchen reused most of the sign, just swapping “New” with “My” (we have seen this before in Roseville though and not too long ago: Mongolian Bliss changed entirely to Asian Bliss, a very different place; last half of the sign re-used).

ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 002 2016-06-02 18-14-22

I only learned the truth right before I left when I asked the manager/owner-looking woman if it was related, and the answer is yes.  Essentially it is the same place with the same people, with the addition of a head chef.  There seemed to be a little regret in the name change, as she mentioned that a portion of their business dropped off.  People must have thought that it was not the same restaurant anymore.  After doing some digging through their Facebook page history, it seems the name change happened roughly a year ago.  That’s how up on current events I am!

ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 003 2016-06-02 18-16-15

Anyway, with that in mind, I am going to keep this brief.  You can check out my original review of New Thai Kitchen here.  What has changed aside from the name?  Well, they have a much bigger and nicer location than when they first opened (they were over where Trademark Pizza now calls home).

ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 004 2016-06-02 18-15-00

The menu has definitely seen some slight changes.  I can’t tell if the prices have gone up, but they seemed slightly higher than usual for the dishes I ordered ($12 for curry and the same for pad se ew).  Something I liked a lot was that there was a lot of protein options (particularly for the curries, I didn’t think to look at the other items) including lamb and duck.  They came at a premium ($5 extra for the duck), but I love me some duck, so it was happening.  There was even a customizable curry option where you choose the type of curry, your protein, veggies and rice.  Pretty cool.

ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 007 2016-06-02 18-29-13 ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 009 2016-06-02 18-32-34 ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 008 2016-06-02 18-30-16

The food was on point, better than I remembered it being actually, and I loved it before.  The Pad Se Ew was quite simply the best I’ve ever had, in every way.  The noodles were perfect.  The flavor was very rich and the chicken was incredibly flavorful, with a touch of smokey char marks on many pieces from the grill.

ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 005 2016-06-02 18-25-04 ETR 241 My Thai Kitchen 006 2016-06-02 18-25-58

I proclaimed before that New Thai Kitchen was my favorite Thai in Roseville, and I stand by that with their new name.  I think it even rivals my all time favorite, Auburn Thai Garden (don’t tell Nu I said that!)


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