#13: Sweet Stuff Cakery (CLOSED)

NOTE: As of 9/7/13 they are no longer open for walk-in business, it’s all phone & online orders now.  I think this is a terrible decision.  Good thing we have other good cupcake shops in town (Cupcake A La Mode & Smallcakes).

Heads up, I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking in this post.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Exterior

I first came across Sweet Stuff Cakery when I started building my map of restaurants back in July.  I’d never had a gourmet cupcake before and didn’t really understand the whole designer cake / cupcake craze that’s been going on the past few years.  A few months ago some out of town friends and I were killing time and ended up making our way to this little shop.  Admittedly I had just bought a new macro lens and was looking for every excuse to use it anywhere i could.  Gourmet cupcakes seemed like a great idea.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Sign

The staff was very friendly and answered a bunch of questions about what all the cupcake flavors were.  At one point I asked “what are these frosting-shot-looking things?”  Their answer: “frosting shots”.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Frosting Shots

One thing that was completely new to me was the cake truffles (or cake balls, I was told on a recent visit that they are known by many names).  They are basically cake mixed with frosting and covered with white chocolate, and they’re pretty awesome.  Check out this Minion from Despicable Me I got.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Minion 1

Sweet Stuff Cakery Minion 2

I had the Cookies N Cream (Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and cookie crumbs), and it completely got me on board the gourmet cupcake craze.  I get it now.  But it pales in comparison to the one I bought on my most recent visit this last weekend.  I chose their flavor of the week which was Root Beer Float.  Despite the previous great experience, I had my doubts about their ability to pull this one off.  Boy was I wrong.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cookies N Cream

I took a bite and quickly recognized the root beer flavor.  I thought that was about it, but right at the end it hit, that creamy goodness you get when you add the ice cream and let it and the root beer mingle and froth up at the top.  Incredible.  The folks at Sweet Stuff Cakery truly are artists, and not just visual artist.  They are at they top of my list for when the occasion arrises for a specialty cake in the future.

Sweet Stuff Cakery Root Beer Float

This is an easy 5 of 5.  Make it a point to check this place out, especially if you’ve never had a gourmet cupcake before.

Here are some more photos from both visits:

Salty Pretzel (Caramel cake with salty caramel buttercream and a chocolate dipped

pretzel with caramel drizzle)

Sweet Stuff Cakery Salty Pretzel

Happy Day (Vanilla cake with French Buttercream, sprinkles and a happy face)

Sweet Stuff Cakery Happy Day

Chocolate Trio (Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate drizzle)

Sweet Stuff Cakery Chocolate Trio

I think this one is Snow Cap based on the description (Chocolate cake with Swiss buttercream)

Sweet Stuff Cakery Snow Cap

Cake Truffle

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cake Truffle

Misc Photos:

Sweet Stuff Cakery Card

Sweet Stuff Cakery Menu 1

Sweet Stuff Cakery Menu 2

Sweet Stuff Cakery Mini Cupcakes

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cupcakes on display

Sweet Stuff Cakery Mini Cupcakes 2

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cupcake Trio

Sweet Stuff Cakery Happy Day Close Up

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cookies N Cream Close Up

Sweet Stuff Cakery Salty Pretzel Close Up

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cake Truffle 2

Sweet Stuff Cakery 4x Cupcakes

Sweet Stuff Cakery Cupcake Box

Sweet Stuff Cakery 2x Cupcakes

Sweet Stuff Cakery All Finished


Website: http://www.sweetstuffcakery.com/


3 thoughts on “#13: Sweet Stuff Cakery (CLOSED)

  1. Awesome shots, Sean! I recently picked up a Groupon for Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin to give the cupcake craze a try 🙂

  2. Sweet, let me know how it is! I think I read somewhere they are opening a satellite location in the Galleria, so that will be another stop for the blog eventually 😉

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