#103: Smallcakes

Bonus dessert post for today!  I probably ruined my dinner appetite with this one, but it might have been worth it 😉

I popped into Freshberry & Smallcakes to pick up some cupcakes to go for after the Habit.  This seems to be two businesses in one.  Each one has a smattering of locations scattered around the US, maybe a around a dozen for each one.  I wasn’t really interested in the Freshberry side of things as I’m not much for frozen yogurt or smoothies, but they have those in case you are.  I walked in a little before 11:30 and was the only customer.  There are half a dozen little tables and some counter seats in the bright and clean space.  As I approached the counter a woman came out from the back to greet me and she went over some of the popular cupcakes.  She told me if there were any that I wanted that were not already in the display, she could ice them up pretty quickly, which was nice to know.  I picked a Boston Cream Pie, a Lemon and a Strawberry Cream.  Just under $10 later I was on my way.

Of these three, the only one that shows up on the Smallcakes website menu is the Lemon (lemon cake filled with tangy lemon topped with our lemon buttercream and a dollop of tangy lemon).  The Strawberry Cream was a little more simple, strawberry cake with a creamy strawberry frosting (probably buttercream as well).  Those two were for others, who said they were very very good and extremely sweet.  Mine was the Boston Cream Pie, which was equally amazing and sweet.  I had a “got milk?” moment when I finished it.  The chocolate topping was thick and heavy, like a true Boston Cream pie, and the cake even had the custard filling.

Roseville’s other cupcakery, Sweet Stuff, recently announced limited hours, so I think this is the place to come for your cupcake needs from now on.  The cupcakes are just as good, and you can go in whenever you want!  I’m a fan.

Website: http://www.smallcakescupcakery.com/


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