#142: Kelli’s Cookies

Cookie time.  I try my best to get business names down as accurately as possible, but this one wins.  I gave up.  Kelli’s Cookies, Kelli’s Best Inc., Kelli’s Best Cookies, Kelli’s Gourmet Cookies.  Who knows.  Short of calling up and talking to Kelli myself I don’t think I will ever find out.  At any rate, these cookies are crazy good.  For a long time I’ve driven past the storefront on Douglas (just west of Royer Park and the creek) and seen the sign claiming “Best cookies on Earth.”  A bold statement, but now that I’ve had them, I’m not so skeptical.  I mean, still though, you’d have to have tried every single cookie on Earth to make such a claim, which I suspect would be an impossible task, but I digress.

I popped into the Douglas location (they also have a shop within the Fountains near a fire pit in the center) on Friday afternoon and had a look at the display for a while by myself until the nice woman in the back finally noticed me when she turned from her work, bagging up cookies.  Here they bag each one individually, and my favorite part, on the back of each one is a sticker that says what kind it is along with the ingredients.  Now that’s convenient.  In addition, the bags  have some sort of heat-seal applied to a strip just above the cookie itself, locking in the moisture.  I just opened my last one here on Monday night and it was as fresh as if I bought it this evening.  Anyway, I bought a dozen and got a mix which worked out perfectly because they have exactly 12 types aside from their gluten-free cookies.  The are $2.50 each or $25 for a dozen.  That probably sounds like a lot, and it kind of is, but A: they’re really good; B: they last longer than your typical cookie because of how they’re packaged; and C: they’re BIG cookies.  1/4lb each.  I’d say they’re worth it.

Many of these I gave to friends so I can only comment directly on a few, but they were all fantastic.  Even flavors that I wouldn’t typically get.  I’m a simple guy, I like my chocolate chip cookie and that’s about as far as I normally go.  All the cookies I tried were soft as if they were baked just hours earlier (possible for the 1st one I suppose).  I found the chocolate chunk cookie to not be as sweet as I expected, which was not at all a bad thing.  Whenever I think of buying a single cookie I think Mrs. Fields, and those are really sweet, like for the sake of being sweet.  This was sweet simply because it happened to be a cookie (this probably all sounds ridiculous, but it’s how I’ve been thinking about them).  It let everything else speak for itself.  The brown sugar was very present right alongside the chocolate chunks.  It was great with or without dipping in milk.

Another one I tried was the chocolate rainbow.  This was a super dark, rich chocolate cookie with M&Ms on it.  It was seriously rich, milk was a requirement.  Fantastic though.  The Snickerdoodle was much more tame in comparison and it’s flavors more delicate.  This is normally not a cookie I would get myself, but I enjoyed the pieces I had while sharing it with some friends.  Finally, tonight I opened up the White Chocolate Mocha.  Another dark, rich cookie, this one had white chocolate drizzled across the top.  I find coffee flavored things to be hit or miss usually.  This was great. The coffee flavor was not particularly strong, it was just enough to remind me that it was a mocha cookie.  I loved the white chocolate on top, which was fairly thick.

I didn’t think I’d say so much for this post, I mean, they’re cookies.  Go try one.  Now here’s a bunch of photos.


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