#52: Country Gables Cafe

It’s been a long yet fast and busy week.  I wanted to get a post in somewhere in the middle but things were a little too crazy.  For a Saturday I was up shockingly early and decided I had better take advantage and knock some more breakfast off my list.  Since returning to Pacific Street Cafe I’ve been wanting to do the same with Country Gables, both of which I had a quick bite at for Good Day Sac nearly a year ago, so off I went.  I arrived at about 7:15AM and the parking lot was quite empty.  There were just 4 people at 3 tables when I entered and a single server was working the dining room.  After a moment she came over to greet me and I was seated.

It was a much different atmosphere than my first visit.  With Good Day Sacramento there, they had really gone all out to make sure everything went well, which is understandable.  There were more employees there and the owner himself was also present.  Today it was quiet, slow and peaceful.  As I was sitting down the server asked if I would like coffee and I answered yes (strange as I normally never order coffee anywhere and even stopped drinking my morning cup at work recently).  She brought a steaming hot cup over immediately.  A bit of cream and sugar and I was sipping away.  It wasn’t the most flavorful coffee, but it did the job.  I set out looking over the menu.  The first two pages are dedicated to breakfast, the next two for lunch, and the last two for senior meals and desserts.  Having had the eggs benedict here, as well as a selection of other things such as broasted chicken that the owner was gracious enough to offer up, I wanted to check out the griddle section this time.  The offer both a waffle as well as pancakes.  I’m much more a waffle guy, but the name for their pancakes – Sugar Shack Creamy Deluxe Pancakes – had me intrigued.  When the server came back to take my order I told her that I like waffles but wanted to know how the pancakes compared.  She told me that these aren’t the typical buttermilk pancakes you normally see elsewhere, but instead they are made from a yellow cake like batter and are a bit sweeter.  That sounded pretty good to me so I ordered those.  Technically I got the Pancake Sandwich, which is basically a short stack (3) with one egg and a choice of two strips of bacon or sausage.

I sipped on my coffee for a while and my food was brought out in a little over 5 minutes or so.  The pancakes looked pretty good.  I asked for a second syrup (because I’m like a child when it comes to breakfast and if I can’t see the syrup, because it’s been absorbed, then I feel like I can’t taste it.  Yes, it’s silly).  She made the case that she liked these pancakes without syrup because they are already fairly sweet and that syrup can make it too sweet, but still brought my syrup over.  I gave them a try with butter only and indeed they were a bit sweeter than I would have expected from pancakes.  I decided, however, that I still wanted syrup on them, if only because the idea of “dry” pancakes make me think about choking (a classmate in college once told me a story about how he had made pancakes one morning but had to leave suddenly and was eating them in the car dry on his way to work but started choking and didn’t have anything to drink.  It’s really a random story but it stuck with me and I think about being in a situation like that now and then).  Anyway, they were a lot like yellow cake in flavor.  The syrup definitely took the sweetness up a few notches and while I enjoyed it, by the end I was pretty much over it (although isn’t that always the case with pancakes in general?).  I told the server later that I agreed with her that with syrup they were just a tad too sweet, but without they felt like they needed something.  She mentioned that they also have a sugar free syrup that is less sweet, so that might be the way to go with these.  My bacon was very good.  I used to always order crispy bacon.  Recently I’ve been letting places make it normal and it’s been very enjoyable.  The egg, while good and properly cooked to over medium, looked a little lonely by itself, since normally I would usually see two eggs minimum as a side.

Overall I was pretty happy with my breakfast here.  The service was good.  Coffee refill attempts were frequent, though I didn’t need them most of the time.  It might not be a new and exciting place like Four Sisters, but it certainly does the trick and it’s a lot closer to me.

Website: http://www.countrygablescafe.com/


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