#113: The Pita Pit

Today I returned to the Stone Point shopping center on Eureka to have dinner at The Pita Pit, right across a walkway from Costa Vida.  Technically I probably shouldn’t have come here for the blog as I just discovered that it’s a pretty big chain but I didn’t realize that going in (nor had I even seen one prior to this Roseville location).  I’ll keep it somewhat short.

I arrived just after 4:30PM to a quiet and empty dining room.  Right away I was greeted by one of the two employees.  I very briefly skimmed over their take-out menu when I picked one up after eating at Costa Vida, but didn’t really have any idea what I would have.  I asked if he had any suggestions.  He recommended the Buffalo chicken, the chicken Caesar (chicken, bacon & romaine) and the prime rib.  Spicy sounded pretty good to me so I chose the Buffalo chicken.  I noticed hummus up on the menu and decided to get a side of that with some pita bread, which is just a couple bucks.  With a soda it all came out to about $11.

From here it was a bit of a deli-process, I was asked what toppings I’d like in the pita.  Grilled options were onions, mushrooms (I think) and peppers.  I went with onions and mushrooms.  White or wheat pita bread is available and I chose wheat.  For the pita bread that came with my hummus I picked white.  For toppings the have a pretty big list.  I had spinach, olives, black beans, corn, pepperjack cheese and jalapeño ranch.
The chicken was grilled up while my pita was put together, and the extra pita bread was warmed/crisped up on the grill as well.  With everything in place it was wrapped up tight and wrapped again in a paper sleeve for easy handling.  Since the hummus came in two little containers I had the option to try two different ones, so I went regular for one and red pepper for the other.

My very first bite into the pita was immediately met with big chunks of hot, tender chicken in the Buffalo sauce.  In fact most of the ingredients were present in that bite, and they were there throughout till I reached the end.  It was very well constructed and consistent.  The Buffalo sauce was quite flavorful, as was the jalapeño ranch, and with the jack cheese it was a very good combination.  It definitely had a little kick to it and a heat that built up over consecutive bites.  The hummus was great, smooth and tasty.  The warm and slightly crisped pita bread was pretty nice.  I only noticed a small difference in the red pepper variety with a slight peppery heat that, like the Buffalo sauce, built over several bites.  Perhaps it may have stood out more compared to the regular hummus with a non-spicy pita already hitting my taste buds with bold flavors.

I was happy with this meal.  All the ingredients seemed to be very fresh and flavorful, the portions were good and the employees were friendly and efficient.  This shopping center certainly has some excellent eateries.  Should be interesting to see if Bravo: A Taste of Peru and New Thai Kitchen will continue the trend.  I also noticed a little place on the opposite side of Paul Martin’s when I drove into the parking lot called Cupcake A La Mode which I’ll certainly be adding to the list.

Website: http://www.pitapitusa.com

Scanned Take-Out Menu: Click Here




3 thoughts on “#113: The Pita Pit

  1. I’m sure people already asked this 100 times…what kind of camera are you using to take your photos? They are a-maz-ing!

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