#106: Teriyaki Domo

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to go to Teriyaki Domo only to discover that they are closed on Sundays.  I returned today to cross them off my list.  Teriyaki Domo is located next door to the Office Depot on Douglas Blvd.  When I walked in, at about 12:30PM, there was a small handful of customers seated and either eating or waiting for their food. There are about a dozen and a half small tables, most of which are up front and the rest against the wall all the way to the back.

I had never been here before, so I took a little while going over the menu.  It was pretty simple, listing four basic options (teriyaki rice bowl, teriyaki plate, teriyaki combo plate, teriyaki noodle bowl and teriyaki salad), each with a choice of chicken, veggie, tofu, beef, turkey, pork, chicken breast, salmon and seafood (sesame chicken was also listed for all but the noodle bowl).  In addition, they also serve a selection of relatively basic sushi rolls.  Most have 2-3 main ingredients from what I could tell.  They have a nice color takeout menu with photos of all their rolls, and another menu for everything else (No website so I’ve scanned both, see down below).

I picked out Sami’s Special, which seems to be their typical Teriyaki Chicken Combo Plate, but extra chicken instead of your choice of mixed tempura or gyoza (pot stickers).  At the time I ordered, I didn’t read the part about the normal combos coming with that last part, otherwise I might have just gone with the normal chicken combo.  I ended up getting the Gyoza appetizer (mostly because I saw someone pick theirs up at the counter right before I ordered and it looked good) as well, so basically I just got a super-sized Teriyaki Chicken Combo.  Some bottled drinks are available in a cooler off to the left.  Over on the right thy also have tea and a soda fountain, which is what I got.  Total was about $15 (note that there is a 50¢ ATM fee which I did not see posted anywhere) I filled up a plastic tumbler with Pibb, grabbed some napkins and a fork from the counter and took a seat near the back.

They were very quick, it was just a few minutes before the guy running the front motioned to me that my order was ready.  The box and plate of gyoza didn’t quite fit on the tray, so I was very careful bringing it back to my table.  In the box was some steamed rice, salad, a good sized orange slice, a big pile of chicken over broccoli and a little side of dressing (which I think was Italian or something similar).  On the smaller side plate were my 6 pot stickers on a bed of lettuce with a small bowl of sauce.

I dug into the pot stickers first, and wow, these were great!  The outside had the perfect crisp while the inside was soft and delicious, and the sauce was as tasty as anywhere else I’ve had it.  I don’t know what’s typically in pot stickers, but man they’re good.  At first I wasn’t sure what the dressing was, and I dipped a corner of a small piece of chicken in it to find out.  It looked and tasted like Italian dressing, so I went ahead and poured it over the salad.  The salad was crisp and seemed pretty fresh overall.  There was maybe a few little slices of carrot in it and the large slice of tomato, but otherwise it was just lettuce.  The rice was, well rice.  A splash of soy sauce made it tasty and I nearly finished it all despite the large amount of food in front of me.  The chicken itself was OK.  It was somewhere in-between tender/moist and dry.  Some pieces were better than others, but overall I was not blown away.  At first I was dipping each piece in the side of teriyaki sauce, but quickly decided I should just pour it over the chicken to try and let them soak it up a bit.  There was quite a bit of chicken in Sami’s Special.  I probably would have been just fine with a normal order.  The broccoli under the chicken was either steamed or thrown in a wok for a little bit.  It was still fairly firm but not raw.  It was cooler than the chicken, which was not super hot on it’s own.

The pot stickers were definitely the highlight here (the Pibb was pretty good too), but overall I was not blown away.  While the flavor of the teriyaki sauce was good, the chicken just wasn’t up to par.

(Scanned) Main Menu: Click Here

(Scanned) Sushi Roll Menu: Click Here




2 thoughts on “#106: Teriyaki Domo

  1. My mom used to run a teriyaki place like this, and yeah, the chicken is hit and miss. I can’t say the way she did it is the way they all do it, but the quality would vary. I also noticed a slightly pinkish tint to some of your chicken, which is just how thigh meat can be sometimes and it always annoyed me when customers brought it back saying it was undercooked. Ah, good times.

    We would offer a salad with a choice of either Italian or Ranch dressing too. It’s weird isn’t it, the American dressings at a teriyaki place? One time we tried to change it to a more Asian type of salad, but people didn’t like it. Go figure.

  2. Their specialty is really the bowls with rice or noodles and choices of many meats like chicken, beef and salmon. You can get it with stir fried vegetables and have spicy sauce added. Unfortunately, Sami’s Special makes it seem like this is their best offering, but it’s not nearly as inspiring as their teriyaki bowls.

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