#66: Miabella Gelato

It’s nice and hot out, so why not go cool off with a tasty gelato from Miabella Gelato in the Fountains?  That’s what I did today.  I’ve only been here a handful of times, but each time I wonder why I don’t go more often.  My favorite flavors are Tiramisu (which I think tastes exactly like tiramisu), and Zabaione.  The employees at Miabella told me that Zabaione is a Marsala wine gelato.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had Marsala wine, other than when it’s used in cooking, so I can’t say how it compares, but I can say that it’s super light and the flavor is subtle.  I recommend it.  Not much more to say here other than go check it out!  Also, be sure to check their website before you go.  I found a 15% coupon that’s good through this month.

Website: http://miabellagelato.com/


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