#231: Firehouse Subs

I’ve been crazy busy lately but I have my eyes set on a spot to try out by the weekend that I hope will be interesting (no spoilers!).  For now here’s a quickie.  This is Firehouse Subs, a pretty big chain sub sandwich place that is new to the area.  It’s located next to Habit on Pleasant Grove near 65.

The place is quite large, for a sandwich joint, and decked out with firefighter gear & tools for decoration.  They focus mostly on hot subs, there were only 2 cold ones that I saw on the website, a chicken salad sub and a tuna sub.  I picked The Engineer (smoked turkey breast, melted Swiss, and sautéed mushrooms, served Fully Involved.  “Fully Involved® – Loaded complete with mayo, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a kosher dill pickle on the side”) [$6.99 for a medium].  The menu didn’t seem clear that there were sizes other than medium, so I thought that referred to the soda.  Eventually I saw a large delivered to a table nearby though and it was huge, maybe twice the size of the medium.

Overall it’s a pretty good sub.  Nothing mind blowing, however it beats the hell out of Subway and Quiznos any day.  If you like hot sauce then they should have something for you, I counted about 40 unique bottles (click the image below to see a larger version).


#222: Guy’s For Lunch

Yesterday I visited the new Guy’s For Lunch.  This is a deli run by Guy, his wife, and three daughters located on Pleasant Grove near Foothills, between Top It Off Frozen Yogurt and ZS Indian Market.  They opened just a few weeks ago and I’ve been looking forward to checking it out.  They are open from 11-3 Monday-Saturday leaving me a limited window to stop by, so I took the opportunity when it presented itself for lunch on Saturday.

I arrived a little before 12:30 and the place was fairly busy.  The nice, new and clean dining room is small to medium-sized. There are a little over half a dozen 2 -4 seater tables, most of which were occupied, and a long counter with stools running along the wall towards the back that added a lot of compact seating.  A couple small tables out front rounded out the dine-in options.  As soon as you enter  you are in front of the ordering counter and the kitchen is right behind it.  To the right is a menu on the wall and a drink cooler with non-fountain drink options.

I took a minute to skim over it and had a small struggle in choosing either the Hot Pastrami (thinly sliced with swiss and spicy mustard on sourdough) or the Pulled Pork (slow cooked with Guy’s spicy BBQ sauce on sourdough).  All the sandwiches are $7.99 and come with chips and a pickle.  You can also add cream cheese [$0.50], bacon [$1] and/or avocado [$1].  I settled on the pastrami and ordered a soda [$1.49] to go with it.  Of course I added all three extras.

Once paid up, I moved over to the counter where no one was seated and filled my soda up near the back.  About this time I noticed that most of the cars in the front parking had left so I stepped outside to get a quick shot outside while there was nothing blocking the view. When I came back in I noticed a little plate at my spot at the counter.  Guy (the one and only) popped out the kitchen and said “potato salad shooter!” and gestured to it.  He had dropped these at at least a couple tables for people to try.  I thought this was really cool.  The single bite was positioned on a fork and ready to go.  It was nicely chilled and freakin’ delicious.  I’ll probably be ordering this on my next visit [$1.95 for a regular order].

It was just about 6 or 7 minutes for my sandwich to arrive from the kitchen.  In-between the two halves was crisp pickle slice.  A bag of “Dirty” brand cracked pepper & sea salt potato chips rested at the back.  A decent amount of the thin pastrami was the bulk of the sandwich (perhaps not as much as I had hoped, but I had to take a step back and realize A. I was not a Beach Hut, and B. I was not paying Beach Hut prices).  All of my additions were hidden underneath.  Some bacon and a bit of avocado peeked out from a corner here and there.

The sourdough was nice and crisp around the edges with a soft middle and and good flavor.  The swiss was a bit on the light side and I didn’t really notice it very much.  It even kind of blended in with the mayo and I didn’t realize it was there at first.  There were about 4 slices of bacon under the pastrami which were tasty.  The cream cheese did it’s job and added it’s smooth flavor and texture to the whole thing.  I was mostly disappointed by the avocado, which was pretty thin and didn’t feel quite worth the $1 adder.  The pastrami was pretty great though.  It was loaded with rich, smokey flavor.  I decided to look back on my Beach Hut comparison yet again because this beef was delicious and definitely holds it’s own at a lower price.  Side by side with the pastrami, in terms of deliciousness, I would say was the spicy mustard.  It was great and the heat kind of snuck up on me by the end of the sandwich.

The chips were good, exceedingly crisp and quite salty.  I even ate the pickle, which I often ignore, and enjoyed that as well.  Overall a satisfying lunch, but I will likely avoid the avocado next time.  As I was finishing the last couple bites Guy swung by once more, this time with a pulled pork shooter.  Good lord, this was ah-mazing!  It sold me on returning sooner rather than later because I have to have that pulled pork sandwich now.  The BBQ sauce was rich, sweet and spicy and left me wanting more, much more.  I haven’t even had the sandwich itself and I’d already recommend it.

Website: http://www.guysforlunch.com

#218: Short Stuff Cafe

You might wonder why the top photo on this post has a Chevron station.  A reader recently tipped me off of a little cafe inside.  They don’t have any web presence.  Their Yelp entry has some pretty glowing reviews though so I decided I should check it out.  I figured if I was going out early on a Saturday morning for a breakfast burrito that I had better look the part, so I skipped shaving, grabbed my favorite hoodie and headed out into the fog.

This is a great example of the type of place I was looking for when I started this blog.  Little places hidden in plain sight that you’ve probably been driving past for years without even noticing.  I certainly never would have found this one on my own.  Unless you get gas here there wouldn’t be any way you would know it existed without someone telling you, as Cheryl did for me.  This is the Chevron located on Eureka at Rocky Ridge.

By the pumps they have a sign which is the only exterior evidence of the Cafe.  It says “Voted Best Breakfast Burritos Anywhere,” a dubious claim for sure, but lets move along.  I headed into the Food Mart sometime after 7:30.  It’s a pretty typical gas station convenience store, except at the back theres an opening past the counter.  There, a woman had several pans with eggs, meats and veggies cooking up.  It smelled great.  I took some time to go over the menu (scanned menu here), which is mostly breakfast burritos and a few sandwiches.  For lunch they have burgers as well as hot & cold sandwiches.  They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

I eventually settled on the Freddy (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, green onion and pepper jack in a grilled flour tortilla)[$4.99].  There was a guy waiting for whatever she was making.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to order here or how it worked.  She noticed me standing there and said hi, and I asked for a Freddy.  She then pointed me to a warmer to the right where she had a bunch of pre-made burritos labeled and ready to go.  She looked in it with me to see if there was a Freddy.  There didn’t appear to be, but she had another place to check behind the counter where she found one and handed it to me.  I was pretty much all set.  There are a ton of condiments and a huge collection of different hot sauces to choose from, but I decided to have it as it was and took it to the main counter to pay.

There are a couple little tables both inside as well as out.  I ate in my car instead.  Unwrapping it I noticed that the green onions part of the label was crossed out, so I guess they must have run out.  This burrito was crazy hot.  I couldn’t even hold it for more than a dozen seconds.  I let it cool off for a bit, not that it helped, and started to go to town.  It was absolutely packed on the inside, and even hotter.  I ended up burning part of my tongue.  The inside was heavy on eggs, but there was quote a bit of mushrooms and sausage.  I encountered chopped bacon a little less frequently.  The pepper jack was minimal but added some flavor here and there.  It was blazing hot all the way to the last bite.

For five bucks this was a pretty good burrito.  I think Carolina’s would beat it out, but that’s nearly double the cost.  This is a nice, quick, flavorful option.  If this were on my way to work it could be a problem.

Website: (none)

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here