#83: Annie’s Sno Biz

Just a quickie for today, I stopped by Annie’s Sno Biz on the way home.  It’s a little red trailer that is often parked at the corner of Douglas and Harding.  She serves Hawaiian shaved ice.  I have never had some until today, and only heard about it not long ago for the first time when a co-worker told me about a food truck in Sacramento that serves it.

I wasn’t really sure what the difference between it and a snow cone would be and I ended up doing a little reading online before getting some.  It’s kind of the same basic idea, flavored syrup over ice, however it’s different in that a snow cone is more like crushed ice chunks and this is soft, fluffy ice – a lot more like actual snow.

Annie’s Sno Biz has a ton of flavors to offer as you can see in the menu above.  She also offers 3 toppings: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  I went with a small root beer flavored shaved ice with the vanilla topping (which is like sweetened condensed milk).  It was really quite awesome.  With the vanilla topping it was a bit like a root beer float.  The texture was really interesting, almost like a thick Slurpee.  I recommend it.  Keep an eye on her twitter feed (linked below) to see where/when she is serving.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/annies.snobiz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anniessnobiz