AM4: MOOYAH Burgers • Fries • Shakes

I was craving a burger today and nearly went to Five Guys until I remembered right before I left that Mooyah had just opened up.  This burger joint is fairly large, so I’ll keep this brief as I try not to do big chains.  Since this is pretty new to the area I figured something in-between my normal post and photo-only would be OK.

They opened up maybe a week or two ago in the same shopping center where Studio Movie Grill is located, at 80 & Sierra College in Rocklin.  The vibe is very similar to Five Guys with a slightly nicer feel to it.  Also like Five Guys they put their potatoes on display.  Actually more so as you could walk up to the boxes up front and grab one.  I wonder what they would say if you did.

I ordered a double burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, avocados and Mooyah sauce.  Added fries and soda to make a combo.  Thy had just opened so the turnaround was pretty quick, maybe 4 minutes tops.

The fries reminded me a lot of Five Guys fries, but much better because they weren’t soggy and grease-soaked.  They weren’t crispy, but they were definitely cooked much more than Five Guys’.

The burger itself was pretty good.  I think they Mooyah sauce was some sort of thousand island type.  It was a bit tangy, so that made it different.  The cheese, avocado and bacon were all good although the cheese was not as melted as I’d like.  Different, I’d say, than most burgers with these toppings was that the juicy beef was still very much was center stage in terms of flavor, and it was quite good.  Overall it was very enjoyable.  Next time I’ll try a shake.


#189: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Here’s a quick (mostly)photo-only post for Nothing Bundt Cakes just across from the Galleria and BJs.  It’s a much bigger chain than I had realized.  I will say this, these were ridiculously moist and delicious little cakes.  My friend Trevor said it best: “It’s not fair to other cakes.”

#168: Beard Papa

Here’s a quickie photo only post for this big chain.  I was pretty excited to see this finally show up in Roseville, (inside the Galleria, around the corner from one of the lower Sears entrances).  If you’ve never heard of Beard Papa but think it sounds familiar, the character had a cameo in Wreck it Ralph as a guard outside the race car factory.  Anyway, they make cream puffs.  Delicious puffs with cool, flavored custard injected right when you order.  Try one.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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