#249: Rita’s


My excitement for Rita’s opening in Roseville is built on a foundation starting back in 2010, when I first tried frozen custard at a Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in San Antonio, TX.  After that I was was always on the lookout for this incredibly creamy frozen treat, but only seemed to find it while traveling out of the area.  Rita’s isn’t exactly a local business; they have locations in 33 states.  Somehow I had missed the one nearby over in Rocklin until a few people pointed it out after my Buck & Sadie’s visit, where they have frozen custard that I found to be closer to regular ice cream.


Our Rita’s, located at Sunrise and Cirby, opened just over a week ago, and I’ve been twice already, not including a trip to the Rocklin location a few days before they opened because I couldn’t wait ;). They have various flavors of frozen custard, and in addition to that they also have Italian Ice, all of which is made in store each day.  On my first visit I was going to just get a simple chocolate custard, but decided instead to try their signature creation, the Gelati.  It is a cup of your choice of custard with a layer of Italian Ice in the middle.  At the time they had a marshmallow peanut butter flavored ice that I picked out.  It was pretty amazing.  On my second visit (on opening day in Roseville) I picked up a chocolate custard to go, which was delicious, but I ended up getting busy with a project when I got home and did not get to enjoy it fully.


Yesterday I returned to the Roseville location once again.  The Gelati is neat and I feel like you get a lot of both custard and ice in even the regular size [$3.99].  Although I am usually a purist and tend to shy away from toppings or mixing flavors or textures (such as their ice with custard), I do think the Gelati is the way to go here.  It’s the perfect amount of both custard and ice, and they aren’t blended, so you get to enjoy them together or separately, however you like it!

etr-249-ritas-003 etr-249-ritas-004

This time I went with another peanut butter flavor, this time it was chocolate instead of marshmallow.  As I tasted a sample on a tiny spoon the girl behind the counter said that this one can be an acquired taste.  I did think it had a kind of artificial quality to it, compared to the marshmallow, but it was still good so I went with it.  I took a little video on my phone quickly while she added the ice layer, though it didn’t turn out very good through the glass with lots of reflections.


This one was pretty much just as great as the original, and the proportions of custard to ice were the same as well.  Their custard is so rich and smooth that it’s hard not to take your time and enjoy each bite, even if you want to tear through it.  If you read my Vampire Penguin post from not long ago you may remember that I described their ice as being dry (not like CO2 dry).  Here, this ice is very much wet.  It is right on the verge of becoming a cup of liquid with just a little bit of added heat.  Breaking up the custard layers probably keeps this size from leaving you feeling full afterwards, since it is much lighter.

etr-249-ritas-007 If you like to do toppings then there are a lot to choose from and, like the ice flavors, may vary based on the day and what is fresh (particularly in the case of fruit I imagine).  You can of course get custard or ice all by itself, and then in addition to the Gelati combo, they have a Misto Shake which blends the two together, and then a Blendini which is the Misto Shake with a topping mixed in. They also have regular shakes and ice drinks.


Definitely excited to have Rita’s in town.  If you’ve never had frozen custard before, do yourself a favor and go check it out!


5 thoughts on “#249: Rita’s

  1. Really love your comments and have a list of the best places to eat in my iPhone! Please give the addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation. It’s frustrating to have to look these up on a different site.

    1. Can definitely understand that frustration. I worry about my older posts eventually being outdated though, so perhaps what I can do is add a link to the Yelp page for each particular place. They tend to have the most up to dat address, phone and hours. I use it all the time on my phone to see if something is open before I drive over! Thanks for the comment and suggestion!

  2. Whoa – this is a nationwide-ish chain? I had one of their ices in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor back in June – perfect on what was a very hot & humid day, despite us being right next to the water.

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