AM10: Sam’s Classic Burgers

This place is somewhat special.  Sam’s Classic Burgers is the place that I was driving by for the umpteenth time when my curiosity finally piqued and I had the idea to eat my way through Roseville.  5 years later and I’m finally going there!

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 001 2016-04-05 17-12-32

This is a little roadside drive-in burger joint located on Auburn in Citrus Heights, between Old Auburn and Antelope.  I pulled in just after 5 and thought they were closed.  I was peering intently into the building, which didn’t seem to have any lights on, and finally spotted a face staring back at me.  They did have an open sign in the window, so I parked and walked over to the front.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 002 2016-04-05 17-15-04

The menu is very typical for this type of place.  The only thing that seemed out of place was a grilled ham and egg sandwich, the only item with egg on the menu.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers Menu

I studied the menu briefly and waited probably 30 seconds before the woman slid the glass window open.  That seemed a little strange.  The customer service was pretty lacking up front, but later, when she brought the order to my table inside, she seemed to be in a slightly friendlier mood.

I got a double cheeseburger [$5], a small fry [$2], a small butterscotch milk shake [$3.25] and a water.  The three concrete tables out front were right in the sun and slightly warmer than I was interested in so I headed inside.  There were only 6 seats in there and it was a bit run down.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 003 2016-04-05 17-17-57

My order came in a stuffed paper bag with greasy spots already showing through.  The burger was on the bottom and piled up with quite a lot of fries.  Topping it off were napkins, ketchup packets and a straw for my shake.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 005 2016-04-05 17-19-38

The shake was delicious!  I can only think of pudding and syrup topping for ice cream as far a this flavor is concerned, and this shake pretty much nailed it.  Comes in a foam cup so nearly 2 hours later, as I type this, I’m just finishing it up and it still hasn’t melted.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 004 2016-04-05 17-18-31

The fries were very hot, obviously right out of the fryer.  About half were crisp on the outside and soft within, and the other half a bit limp.  All of them could have used a bit more salt, of which there was only trace amounts.  I couldn’t find any salt packets or shakers, though something might have been up at the front outside.  Ketchup would have done the trick, but with not much other than a paper bag there wasn’t a neat place to squeeze it out.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 006 2016-04-05 17-20-28

The burger was pretty much exactly what I expected.  The patties were thin, cooked well done and fairly greasy.  A double cheese burger at most places usually means 2x patties and 2x cheese.  Here it must only be 1x cheese (or 2x very thinly sliced cheese) because there wasn’t a whole lot on it.  The large, thin slice of tomato wasn’t very ripe yet.  One of the more redeeming things of this burger was the sauce.  It was kind of a creamier, sweeter version of thousand island.  Overall, this burger was acceptable at best.  I wonder how late they stay open considering they are right next to a bar.  Probably a good spot for the inebriated looking for a bite while they wait for their Uber.

ETR Sam's Classic Burgers 007 2016-04-05 17-21-59

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2 thoughts on “AM10: Sam’s Classic Burgers

  1. You need to check out MOO MOOS on Sunset in Rocklin!! Give us a review!! Been to the one in Stockton it was Great!

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