#235: The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs

We are winding down from the high temperatures finally, but you can still take advantage of that random warm day by cooling down with a tasty treat at The Parlor.  This is a new spot that opened at Rocky Ridge & Eureka, right next door to Beach Hut Deli and the spot where Crush 29 (one of my very earliest posts from 2011) once lived.  This seems to be their 2nd location.  The original is in Sacramento on Fair Oaks.

I arrived and met some family at 5:30.  They had a few customers at the time but they cleared out pretty quickly.  Once we were ready to order it started to pick up though and was a slightly busy for a while.  So what makes The Parlor stand out from other ice cream joints?  Donuts.  They take a donut sliced in half and stuff it with your choice of ice cream.  They have 14 flavors of ice cream, and they are all fairly unique, you won’t find basic vanilla or chocolate on the board (although perhaps they do have it if requested, I can see that being a thing).  Instead they have flavors like:

Thai Tease

(A superbly satisfying blend of milky vanilla goodness and Thai tea sweetness)

Midnight in Paris

(A delicious fusion of creamy coffee ice cream and delectable hazlenut nutella chocolate swirls)

Everything but the…
(Satisfy your sweet tooth with this amazing combination of succulent caramel, crunchy pretzel and moist fudge bits. This flavor has everything but the…)

You’re essentially done at this point….unless you want more!  For just $0.50 more you can add unlimited toppings.  Today they had 26 on that board including Cap’n Crunch, Potato Chips, Toffee Bits, Marshmallow Cream and Honey.  For $1.00 they had fresh strawberries as well.  Now, with your donut loaded up they take it back to the kitchen to warm it up and give it a dusting of powdered sugar.

I had a taste of the Thai Tease, I needed to know if it was anything like Gunther’s version.  It’s pretty spot on.  That said, I was feeling something else.  I ended up going pretty colorful with cake batter and fruity pebbles (which seems pretty tame for this place, but I’m perfectly happy with a scoop of vanilla most of the time anyway).  It was ready in just a couple of minutes and handed to me in a bag.  I took it over to our table, got some napkins and a plate from a counter in the back, and got to work.

I was really impressed at how warm the donut initially was.  It was wonderful and soft to bite into, not to mention delicious!  The ice cream was cold through my last bite, and about halfway through it did chill the donut, but I was also kind of eating slowly and taking photos, so I’m sure that played a part.  The last few bites were a little messy.  The cake batter was, wow, super sweet. It might even rival ColdStone’s cake batter.  the fruity pebbles added a perfect crunch and brief blast of fruit flavor to each bite.

This was a nice surprise.  I loved it to the last bite.  Even if you’re not into the whole donut+ice cream experience, you can certainly just get a scoop or two in a cup or cone, like my mom did.  Something that we really liked was how reasonable the prices were.  Places like this can quickly take their specialty items and apply specialty prices, but these felt very fair.  An ice cream puff was just $4.50, a single scoop $3.25 and a double $5, and they are BIG scoops.  Definitely plan on returning to The Parlor in the future.

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