#231: Firehouse Subs

I’ve been crazy busy lately but I have my eyes set on a spot to try out by the weekend that I hope will be interesting (no spoilers!).  For now here’s a quickie.  This is Firehouse Subs, a pretty big chain sub sandwich place that is new to the area.  It’s located next to Habit on Pleasant Grove near 65.

The place is quite large, for a sandwich joint, and decked out with firefighter gear & tools for decoration.  They focus mostly on hot subs, there were only 2 cold ones that I saw on the website, a chicken salad sub and a tuna sub.  I picked The Engineer (smoked turkey breast, melted Swiss, and sautéed mushrooms, served Fully Involved.  “Fully Involved® – Loaded complete with mayo, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a kosher dill pickle on the side”) [$6.99 for a medium].  The menu didn’t seem clear that there were sizes other than medium, so I thought that referred to the soda.  Eventually I saw a large delivered to a table nearby though and it was huge, maybe twice the size of the medium.

Overall it’s a pretty good sub.  Nothing mind blowing, however it beats the hell out of Subway and Quiznos any day.  If you like hot sauce then they should have something for you, I counted about 40 unique bottles (click the image below to see a larger version).


2 thoughts on “#231: Firehouse Subs

  1. Don’t order the Pulled pork w/slaw. After three mouthfuls of fat, more slaw than meat, and a soggy mess, I gave up and threw it away. Quite disappointed. Will give it another try, but might be awhile.

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