AM2: Fancy Funnel Cakes

Just a quickie for tonight.  I have dinner plans tomorrow for a new place in Roseville and I’ll post about that by Friday evening.

I had a hankering for a Funnel Cake today after I saw a Groupon for Fancy Funnel Cakes in Rocklin this morning (seems to be still available, not sure for how long though).  I didn’t get it, but I decided I would definitely go tonight for dessert.

I popped in at about 5:45PM.  The building looked to be under renovations so they didn’t have their normal signage up.  I wasn’t entirely sure they were even open until the person came out from the back to serve me when I walked in.  There were some random items including a couch and an empty fish tank on the floor up against the front windows by the door that made me wonder what was going on here.

The woman greeted me but didn’t say much more as I looked at the menu.  After looking at the menu online earlier in the day I knew I wanted to get the BMF (bacon & maple), though it took me a minute to find it.  It was weirdly silent.  No music, no kitchen sounds, nothing.  Once I ordered and payed I sat down in the clean, bright and empty dining room.  The silence gave way a bit to the fryer exhaust vent that she turned on as she prepared my cake.

In just about 4 minutes she called out “here you go” from up at the counter and I retrieved the box.  I had asked for it to go when ordering but grabbed a fork to eat some there while it was nice and crisp.

This thing was loaded with bacon.  Aside from the edges it was pretty much covered.  The maple syrup was not as easy to see but it was obviously there with the way the powdered sugar looked to be absorbing it and losing it’s fluffy appearance.

Scooping into it with my plastic fork was fairly easy.  The crispy batter broke apart with little effort.  Taking a bite I was pleased at the texture, crisp on the outside and a little soft and chewy on the inside.  The amount of bacon on this made it surprisingly less sweet than I expected.  As I ate more I realized that that was not entirely true, however.  It was incredibly sweet, but also quite savory and salty with the bacon.  The maple syrup was consistent throughout.  It was ridiculously rich.

I’m going to go ahead and say it.  Might have been a bit too much bacon.  Maybe.  Other than that, pretty amazing.  Neat to not have to go to a fair to get a funnel cake too, though eating it in a dining room felt a little weird.


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