Wednesdays on Tap @ Vernon Street Town Square

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 022 2014-09-17 19-18-45

It’s been a little quiet around here lately.  I’ve been traveling, sick or just plain busy for the last few weeks.  Tonight I decided I’d get back to work in a fun way, by visiting Roseville’s first Wednesdays on Tap at the Vernon Street Town Square.  This is the first of 6 continuous Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30PM featuring a handful of breweries, food and music downtown.  For a $5 entrance fee you get 8 tickets for 2oz tastings at any of the brewery tents set up.  For another $5 you can get a glass mug that comes with an extra ticket both at the time of purchase and each week you bring it back.  You can get a full mug of beer for just $3.  All in all I think it’s a pretty good deal, mug or not.

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 020 2014-09-17 19-16-47

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 021 2014-09-17 19-17-15

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 019 2014-09-17 19-05-07

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 005 2014-09-17 17-46-15

I arrived just after 5:30 to beat the crowd and tasted one from each of the 5 breweries that were set up: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, Lagunita’s Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Six Rivers and Vernon Street’s own The Monk’s Cellar (who should be opening by the end of the month, according to their Facebook page).  They were all pretty tasty but Six Rivers White Chocolate Grand Cru was ridiculously awesome.  I only wish I had been able to have some more but they ran out fairly quickly, maybe an hour into it.  Take a look at the schedule to see who will be there in the coming weeks.

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 013 2014-09-17 18-20-23

Food options consisted of the usual Dave’s Dawgs pickup truck and one I’ve never seen before, a brick oven pizza trailer.  I opted for that and ordered their Italian Fennel Sausage pizza (sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Mozzarella, oregano & Romano cheese) [$10].  This took about 10 minutes.  I guess they were out of mushrooms because mine only seemed to have the sausage, but it was really tasty and had a great, crisp thin crust.

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 001 2014-09-17 17-42-28

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 002 2014-09-17 17-42-57

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 003 2014-09-17 17-43-21

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 004 2014-09-17 17-43-47

By the time I had eaten my pizza there had been a good influx of people.  Kids were playing corn hole, kickball and generally just running around and having a great time in the grass in front of the band while their parents enjoyed some brew and relaxed at the tables.  Large lines had formed at all of the remaining 4 booths, so I only visited 2 more to finish off my 4 tickets and got a double pour at them.  All in all it seemed to be a pretty successful little event.  I do hope they plan to have some more food vendors available, but pizza, hot dogs and beer do all work well together.

I put together a quick little video so you can get an idea of what it was like.


ETR Wednesdays On Tap 006 2014-09-17 17-47-23

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 007 2014-09-17 17-54-29

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 008 2014-09-17 18-01-12

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 009 2014-09-17 18-02-12

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 010 2014-09-17 18-11-11

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 011 2014-09-17 18-15-20

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 017 2014-09-17 18-54-05

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 012 2014-09-17 18-15-49

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 014 2014-09-17 18-27-00

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 015 2014-09-17 18-27-33

ETR Wednesdays On Tap 016 2014-09-17 18-27-44



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