#186: Legends Sports Bar & Grill

Today I headed out to Legends Sports Bar and Grill, located at the Woodcreek Golf Course, for lunch.  Similarly to Timbers at the Timber Creek course, I had never been here before.  I pulled into the very busy parking lot at 11AM sharp.  This course didn’t seem to have nearly as big a complex as Timber Creek, but I ended up taking the long route anyway since I had no idea where Legends was located.  It didn’t take too long to find it, opposite the pro shop and just before the golf course itself opened up in front of you.  The weather was extremely nice and there were a ton of people out there taking advantages of it.

I took the right turn into Legends, which was fairly quiet in comparison.  Just inside the door I was standing in the bar area.  It’s a big rectangular room with big windows looking out onto the course and the bar is on the opposite wall.  Directly forward and through a big open doorway was the main dining room.  I kind of wandered up to the doorway and peeked inside then came back to the bar, not sure if I needed to wait to be seated or not.  After a moment I noticed a menu on the wall in the other room through an opening in the wall on the other side of the bar.  I walked into the dining room and found a whole counter with registers, and soon an employee greeted me and asked if I had been helped.  OK, now I had a better idea of what this place was.

Earlier I had checked out their menu online and saw a seasonal section with a burger that sounded interesting, the Crunch Burger (1/2lb burger grilled with American cheese and topped with crunchy house chips, red onions, Creolaise, lettuce tomato and chipotle ketchup on the side, served with sweet potato fries) [$10.95].  The whole chips thing sounded interesting, but when I looked up Creolaise to see what it was, which I found was creole mustard added to hollandaise, I was sold.  Unfortunately I did not see any sign of this seasonal menu.  I asked about it but the she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about so I gave up on it and looked up to their blackboard-type menus to pick out a new burger.  Eventually I asked what was on the California burger, aside from avocado I assumed.  She listed off Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, the basics pretty much.  I decided to get that.  She then rattled off an insanely long list of side choices.  If you can imagine it as a side it was probably in this list.  Seriously, she must have said over 15 things.  I chose the cup of chowder.  Finally I got a large Hefeweizen to finish the order.  My burger was $11.95, the chowder was a $1 add and the beer made up the rest of the bill which came out to just over $20.  Kind of pricey for lunch.

I took a seat in the pretty empty dining room.  Like the bar, the wall opposite the kitchen was all windows and gave a nice view of the course.  Several good sized TVs placed on all four walls were showing the Olympics.  The furthest wall had a few comfy looking seats.  Later, when a couple came in to ask about reserving a room for a party, I found out that this wall folds up and the room and be doubled in size for wedding receptions or other events.  A couple minutes after sitting down the person that rung me up brought my beer out to me.  I didn’t really look at the taps at the bar in the other room when I passed through so I don’t know what brand this was, but it was nice, crisp and refreshing.  For the next 7 minutes I sipped my beer and watched the golfers getting ready to head out on the course until my burger came.

It was a towering hulk of a burger.  As she set it down, she said she forgot it had bacon on it too.  Sounded good to me!  I noticed the long toothpick, that was barely sticking out out the top of the bun, and removed it before starting to eat.  I took it apart just a bit to make sure the avocado wasn’t on the verge of falling out and noticed that it was neatly arranged just underneath the top bun.  There was a metric ton of lettuce and tomato so I ended up removing about 2/3rds of both.  The tomatoes were very ripe and the lettuce very crisp, same with the red onions, which there was a perfect amount of.  After I put it back together I started with the chowder, which was very good.  It didn’t look as creamy as most chowders, but looks can be deceiving, because it certainly was.  It also had some bacon chunks in it which added to the already fairly rich flavor.

When I had ordered she asked how I wanted the burger cooked and listed off all the usual levels of doneness starting with rare.  I asked for it medium rare.  When I started into the burger a few minutes after it arrived I was surprised by how hot the patty was.  It was much hotter than any burger I have ever had, enough to make me think for a second if I should let it cool down or risk a burnt tongue (I risked it).  The produce was all quite cold which made for a very interesting contrast in each bite.  While I found my burger was done a bit more than I was hoping for with medium rare, it was just fine.  It was fairly flavorful (though not as much as one at Bunz Sports Pub).  The bacon was delicious and perfectly crispy/crunchy.  I loved every bite of it.

I was surprised quite a bit by Legends.  After my disappointing Timbers visit I didn’t have very high hopes for this place but it proved me wrong.  Aside from the missing seasonal menu, the only thing I would knock this place for was the cost, which felt a bit high.  The service was good and friendly.  I don’t find myself over on this side of Roseville too often but I could totally see coming back here again if I did.

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