#174: Diamond Plate Bar & Grill

This evening I set out to have dinner at El Charro Taqueria in downtown Roseville, only to be thwarted by their unusual hours.  They don’t open til 6pm on Fridays and I was over a half hour early.  I turned around and headed into West Roseville instead and ended up at Diamond Plate Bar & Grill at Foothills and Junction.  I’ve been eyeing this place as a potential Sharks viewing spot for over a year.  This is the first time I have ventured in.

I arrived at about 5:30pm.  I’ll take this moment to apologize for the photo quality of this post.  I was woefully unprepared for the lack of light available inside.  Through the doors, to the left there are two pool tables and above them, the only real good source of light in the place.  Everything else pretty much sat in the glow of various neon signs and the bar displays.  The pool tables were separated from the majority of the seating by a waist-high metal fence.  To the right was the bar.  A long counter ran between it and the seating area, creating three distinct sections.  The place was fairly busy.  The bar itself was crowded with lots of couples.  The seating area hosted many groups of 4+.  The noise level was fairly high.  Several TVs were showing college football, though music was playing rather than the game audio.  Most of the noise was chatter from the patrons, getting an early start to their weekend, playing pool and drinking.

I approached the far end of the bar, walking along a diamond plated metal floor, to get a closer look at their draught beers.  They had 19 of them.  Further down, the bar seemed to be fairly well stocked with various liquors.  The bartender was pouring a beer as I walked up and immediately greeted me and said he’d be right with me.  I scanned the taps but nothing really jumped out at me.  It was a pretty standard offering, if slightly larger than most.  When he came back I ordered a Shock Top, got a menu and started a tab.  The orange slice in my beer was massive, like probably an eighth of a whole orange.  The menu was exactly what you expect at a sports bar.  Lot’s of finger-food appetizers like nachos, potato wedges and jalapeño poppers.  Four salads and a full page of sandwiches filled out the middle of the menu, followed by a page of burgers.  I picked out the Diamond Plate Burger (sautéed mushrooms, onions and bacon) [$9.99].  All the burgers are 1/2lb and come with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions.  I figured they had table service, but since I was sitting at the counter I just turned around and took two steps back up to the bar and ordered it from the same bartender.

I sat back down, watched the people playing pool and darts and enjoyed my cold, very orange-y Shock Top.  I eventually saw a woman working the place, taking orders and bringing drinks out.  A second employee was running food out here and there, and delivered my burger to me after about a 10-12 minute wait.  The thing was held together, barely, by a long, plastic pick.  It was piled high with the produce, thick bacon and a decent amount of mushrooms.  I carefully removed the pick and dissected it a little bit to remove a few of the plentiful pickles and a couple rings of onion, of which there was also quite a bit.  The fries this came with (you also have a choice of coleslaw or potato salad) were very crisp, just the way I like fries.  They were a little bland however, and I turned to the ketchup, in a little condiment holder next to me, to enjoy them.

The burger itself was a challenge to hold onto.  At one point about halfway into it I lost about a quarter of the toppings while attempting to one-hand it while taking a drink.  The bacon was very thick and crispy.  Unfortunately it was a little too crispy, and much of what flavor I think was there had been cooked out of it.  The patty itself was, well, hamburger.  It was hard to tell in the light how well done it was.  I would guess medium to medium-well.  There wasn’t a ton a flavor there and moisture was also a bit lacking.  The sautéed mushrooms and onions were both good.  It was interesting to have the contrast of both sautéed and raw onions in the same bite.  The produce was actually the most standout thing in this.  It was all very crisp and fresh-tasting.  I think what this burger really could have used was some nice, melty swiss or cheddar.  I devoured it anyway because I was pretty hungry, but I was not impressed by it at all.

About the only thing going for this place (at least based on this single experience in my opinion, as overall reviews seem to be positive here) is it’s location in close proximity to the vast amount of housing and general lack of bars on this side of Roseville.  As far as sports bars go (not that there are a ton in town), I’m much more partial to Sports Page (in fact I relocated there to have a couple tasty stouts and type this up on their large, often quiet patio).  I gave this place 2 out of 5 mostly because each of the staff that I interacted with were all very nice and eager to serve.  One of them offered up a take out menu when he saw me looking through the menu again after paying my bill, seemingly reading my mind.  I did not expect them to even have one.

Website (none, so Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/ownersamkim/

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here

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