#169: Susie’s Country Oaks Cafe

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 001 2013-11-23 10-21-31

Last weekend I decided to tackle the last breakfast on my list, Susie’s Country Oaks Cafe.  Susie’s is located on Cirby at Melody (between Vernon & Riverside).  They have another location in Granite Bay.  I don’t know much about this place other than it looks like it’s been there forever.  When I walked in just before 9AM the restaurant was pretty busy.  The dining room appears medium sized at first, but later when I paid I could see that there was another room or two further back which were also busy with customers.

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 003 2013-11-23 09-54-19

I was greeted right away and pointed to a booth in a smaller section off to the side.  The person that sat me handed me a menu and asked for my drink order.  I had a steaming cup of coffee about a minute later.  The place feels well used.  It’s clean, but the booth felt old and hollow (and my bench started sliding out from under me when I went to readjust once).  There is a quite low counter facing the kitchen that I didn’t even notice until I was near the exit and could see it lengthwise.  Despite the place being close to full most of the staff didn’t look to be that busy.

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 002 2013-11-23 09-51-54

My coffee was a touch on the weaker side, but certainly drinkable.  I had a few minutes to go over the menu, which I had already explored online, before my server came by to introduce herself and see if I was ready to order.  I went with the Belgian waffle and asked for a side of bacon and eggs.  She pointed out the waffle sandwich which is exactly that – a waffle, two eggs and two bacon.  A little less than 10 minutes later it was sitting in front of me.  She gave my coffee a refill and left me to my food.  The first thing I noticed about it was that the waffle was much thinner than any waffle I’ve had before and had smaller squares to it.  It had a little sprinkle of powdered sugar over it and a normal sized scoop of soft butter.  The eggs looked to be well cooked as over medium and the bacon was crispy (I didn’t request anything specific, so I assume this is normal for them).

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 004 2013-11-23 10-00-46

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 005 2013-11-23 10-01-14

ETR 168 Susie's Country Oaks Cafe 006 2013-11-23 10-01-29

Cutting the waffle apart was difficult.  The consistency was rubbery.  I thought I was going to be too tired to eat by the time I was cutting the last piece up.  The eggs were decent, well cooked with a slightly runny center.  The bacon actually had a lot of flavor for being as crisp as it was.  The waffle was, OK.  It took me a moment to try and put my finger on what it reminded me of.  I decided they tasted very similar to Eggo’s buttermilk waffles.  The syrup was also similar to Mrs Butterworth, smooth and mild.

I found everything about this visit to be just so/so.  Not bad and not that good either.  The service was satisfactory.  It reminded me of Waffle Square, not very memorable.  This is a short post, but I just can’t think of anything more to say about it; I suppose that confirms my last statement.


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