Sugary Tangent: Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe

Just a quickie.  Stieber’s doesn’t really fall in line with what I am trying to cover with this blog but I love me some truffles so I stopped in for some and took a few photos.  I just discovered this shop in the Fountains when I drove through to see if there was anything new and interesting a week or so ago.  They sell a lot of bulk candies, but also have a display case with truffles and other treats.  Their website at the moment shows a special buy 1 get 1 on truffles.  The sign out front said buy 2 get 1.  I thought I had misremembered the website so I went with it, oh well.  Anyway, I picked up a few, two milk chocolate and a peanut butter.  Mine was fantastic.  I gave the other two to my parents who said they were good.

3 thoughts on “Sugary Tangent: Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe

  1. Love me some sweets! I have been in there one time, and while what I ordered was good, I would rather catch Godiva during one of their good sales. 😉

  2. Hey there – you are 100% correct about the confusion on the truffles. Website does say buy 1 and get 1 free. We just sent a change into our website designer to get this updated with the sign out front. Sorry about the confusion!

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