Special Edition: My Eating Adventures in Thailand

This is a bit late as I’ve been back for a few weeks now, but I am a lazy, lazy man.  I enjoyed a lot of wonderful Thai food on this trip and I’ve put up a gallery HERE for anyone that’s interested.  It includes food as well as other things that I thought were neat.  Also, if you’re interested in seeing what a large scale, city-wide water fight would look like, check out the video I put together (below).  It’s a little long at 10 minutes, but it was just that crazy.

Here are some of my favorites:

Thailand 044 2013-04-17 14-43-41

Thailand 072 2013-04-20 18-06-38

Thailand 076 2013-04-20 23-14-13

Thailand 087 2013-04-24 13-55-41

Thailand 123 2013-04-27 15-39-31

Thailand 125 2013-04-30 13-06-39

Thailand 127 2013-04-30 13-16-09


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