#131: The Sandwich Spot

Today I finally decided to go over to The Sandwich Spot.  This shop opened at the corner of Roseville Pkwy and Pleasant Grove Blvd sometime in the last year.  There is one in Rancho Cordova, which I tried for lunch once a year or two ago, and it didn’t really impress me that much.  It seems to be a newish and growing Sacramento/Bay Area chain, with both regions having just over half a dozen locations now.  I headed in right at lunch time, just after noon.

From the outside it looked pretty quiet, though the parking lot was fairly full.  I had hoped a lot of this was overflow from Waffle Barn, but once I opened the front door I found out it was not.  I basically stood in the doorway for a few minutes as the line ended right there.  Eventually I was able to squeeze in and back into the corner.  It felt a lot like a more sporty version of a Beach Hut Deli.  Three big HDTVs were playing soccer, and the owners were clearly bay area sports team supporters, with SF Giants and 9ers stuff on the walls.  The staff was young and all dressed casually with black Sandwich Spot tees.  The managers (and I’m assuming owners) were wearing giants and 9ers gear.  Booths line one wall and square tables fill the center.  Off to the other side is a corner with shuffleboard and foosball tables.

The menu consists of sandwiches only (with a couple sides like macaroni and potato salad).  They don’t try to do a little bit of everything here.  All but 3 of the 24 specialty sandwiches are hot, with meats like turkey, marinated chicken, roast beef and pastrami.  They also have pulled pork, which might be a weekend thing.  The have soda, various bottled drinks and about 4 beers on tap, including one from the Roseville Brewing Co.

The line was very slow moving.  It took nearly twenty minutes to make it to the front.  I took this time to grab a menu from the counter and decide what I would order. It was a pretty tough choice.  Nearly all the sandwiches sounded pretty great to me.  Eventually I settled on The Perfect Game (roast beef, bacon, BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese).  Once up to the counter things sped up considerably.  I told my order to the next available worker.  He asked if I wanted to try the pulled pork (I remember being offered tri-tip at the Rancho location, which must have been their special that day).  I declined and continued with my order, choosing Dutch Crunch for the bread (other options are Sourdough, sweet and wheat) and added lettuce and onions.  He asked if I’d like to do the special sauce in place of BBQ, which he described as “awesome,” then continued, after I must have looked like I needed a little more info, as similar but a bit sweeter.  I said sure, lets do it.  With that he gave me an order slip and said he’d have it out for me as soon as possible.

I moved down the line and after a short wait was up at the register.  I made it a combo by adding a fountain drink and had a choice of chips or a cookie.  My sandwich (and pretty much every other specialty sandwich) was about $8.  After the combo it made it roughly $10.  I paid and was given a stamp card, buy 9 and the 10th is free.  Tables were starting to clear out a little bit at this point and after getting a bag of chips and filling up with soda I took a seat in the corner booth.  Right as I was sitting down the guy that made my sandwich brought it out.  Way faster than I had expected.  He said “enjoy” and headed back to the kitchen.  The sandwich was very similar in size to one from Mr. Pickles.  There was a goo amount of roast beef visible, though I found that it tapered off towards the ends of each half.  The lettuce and onions were both fresh and very crisp.  The color of the secret sauce reminded me of thousand island, and in fact it kind of tasted like it as well, but there was more to it.  It was indeed a bit like BBQ sauce.  It may very well be a kind of blend of the two sauces.  It was a fairly strong flavor and almost took over the sandwich.  The roast beef was hot and juicy.  I think with a little less sauce (and let me be clear, it wasn’t drowning in sauce, it’s just very flavorful) it could have stood out better.  There were a few thin little strips of bacon that were not crispy and I couldn’t taste them at all.  I think some thicker, crispier bacon could do well in this, adding a bit of texture.  I thought the dutch crunch was pretty good, though it’s a bit denser than I like.

The sandwich was OK.  It wasn’t bad, but like my first Sandwich Spot experience, it just wasn’t very memorable.  The staff was all very friendly and one of the managers stopped by to check on me while he was busy cleaning the dining room.  With as fast as my sandwich was made I don’t really understand why the line moved so slowly, unless one person ordered a ton of sandwiches to go.  I think I’d be more inclined to go to Beach Hut when I’m in the mood for a sandwich in Roseville.

Website: http://thesandwichspotroseville.com/


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