#117: Mr Subs

Mr Subs has been a place I’ve been curious about since long before starting this whole thing.  It’s located at the West end of Cirby at Vernon. I wondered for a while if there were actually two separate places since there is a “Burgers” sign that’s just around the bend of the building and the same size as the Mr Subs sign but a different color.  There’s even a second door on that side (spoiler, it’s all one place).  I’ve heard and read about the place, and the one thing people always seem to mention is the owner and how friendly he is.  Last night I read a review from someone that had a bad experience with him, particularly about taking photos, so I wondered how he would react to me today.

I stopped in just before 11AM.  The small dining room was empty, the kitchen quiet and no workers in sight.  The little kitchen is off to the right as you walk through the door and past the soda fountain.  There is a long counter area with the single register and a menu that spans the wall behind it.  They serve cold/hot subs, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, gyros and breakfast.  Once I walked up to get a better look at the menu I caught a glimpse of someone in the back.  He saw me and greeted me from there, then made is way up front.  I asked him what he recommended and he replied with “everything is good.”  I tried a different approach and asked if he was to eat something right now, what would he make?  Same answer, so I decided to just do a burger.  I was drawn to the Capital City Deluxe (bacon, sauteed mushrooms & onions, cheese).  He asked if I wanted it in a combo with fries and a drink and I said yes.  Unlike a lot of places that like to give you fifteen gallons of soda with a combo, this was a more reasonable 16oz cup.  At some point in the transaction I said thank you which, if you’ve been here or read anything about it, triggers his famous catch phrase: “no, no, thank yooooou.”

I filled my cup with Dr Pepper and took a seat at the far end of the dining room where I could get a shot of the whole place while he was busy in the kitchen.  Just outside a back door is a small patio area with a single table.  Out front is another for when the weather is nice.  While I waited someone came in and placed an order to go, and a phone order was made as well.  It took a solid 15ish minutes for my burger and fries to be prepared.  He called to me from the counter while he grabbed a bottle of ketchup and placed it on the tray.  He showed me the other condiments on the counter to the right and I triggered another “no, no, thank yooooou.”

The first thing I noticed was that the fries looked pretty dark.  They were very, very crispy/crunchy.  I think a lot of people would consider them overdone.  I enjoy fries like this now and then so I didn’t have a problem with them.  I thought they were good both with and without ketchup.  The burger came wrapped in paper with onions and mushrooms spilling out from under the bun.  In addition to the cheese, onions, mushrooms and bacon on the Capital City Deluxe, Mr Sub’s burgers are served with homemade thousand island sauce, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and seasonings.  The bacon was pretty good.  It was crispy and plentiful, just about every bite had some.  The beef was well cooked and juicy.  Flavor-wise the condiments did most of the heavy lifting.  I didn’t find the patty to be all that amazing, but it wasn’t at all bad either.  The cheese was something along the lines of a Kraft single and wasn’t super flavorful itself, but it added a nice gooey texture to the burger once it had a little time to melt.  As I ate, the other two orders were finished and the customers headed out, each setting off his catch phrase.  When I finished as I headed out the door I went with a “have a good one,” to which he replied “you too my friend, see you next time.”

Overall the food was decent, nothing too remarkable.  The owner lived up to my expectations as being super friendly and I didn’t have any issues with photos, not that I was super obvious.  Worth stopping in to experience it at least once I’d say.

(Scanned) Menu: Click Here

One thought on “#117: Mr Subs

  1. What an interesting owner. Reminds me a bit of the guy at Casablanca in Carmichael who calls himself “Conehead.” Smooth catch-phrase dodge on the “have a good one.”

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