#110: Master Pizza

Today I got a pizza to go from Master Pizza.  I’ve had a AmazonLocal deal that expired in a couple days to use.  I wanted to do it earlier this week but I’ve been fighting a flu since Monday, so it hasn’t really worked out until today when I felt much better.  I’m pretty certain I’ve never ordered pizza here before.  In fact I very rarely enter this little shopping center, which is located kitty corner from Kaiser at Rockey Ridge and Douglas.  They are a Delivery and Take-Out only pizza joint, and there are just 6 chairs and little table in the small waiting area.

I walked in at about 11:40AM and was greeted right away.  I had already spent a little time online browsing the menu, so I ordered immediately.  I got a medium pizza, half Bacon Chicken Supreme (Creamy Garlic Sauce, 100% Mozzarella Cheese, Red Onions, Diced Chicken, Real Bacon Bits after cook topped with Fresh Roma Tomatoes and Blend of Jack & Cheddar Cheeses) and half Hawaiian Delight (Red Tomato Sauce, 100% Mozzarella Cheese, Canadian Style Bacon, Pineapple Tidbits with Extra Mozzarella Cheese).  I substituted green onions for the tomatoes on the bacon chicken supreme side.  To use up the last few dollars of the $20 AmazonLocal deal I picked a regular (10″) order of garlic cheese bread sticks.  Online they just list garlic cheese bread sticks, but on the menu there in the store they had a few additional variations – bacon, Parmesan & jalapeno.  I had a little misunderstanding of the price over the noise of the ovens, but but eventually realized she said $20.37, not $37.  She said the wait would be about 15 minutes and I took a seat.

Just over 10 minutes later, the woman peeked over the counter at me and asked if I needed any paper plates, napkins, cheese or peppers.  I was taking this home, so I didn’t need anything.  A minute or so longer and she came around the counter carrying my two boxes, said thanks and have a nice day, and I was off.  On the drive home I realized I didn’t get any kind of ranch or anything for the cheese sticks and hoped it was already in the box.  Once I was home and opened it up I saw that it was not, and I was kind of annoyed by that.  As I was taking a couple photos of the Pizza, Dusty jumped up on the counter, nearly landing right on top of everything, and insisted he inspect the food for poisons – you know, for my protection.  I shooed him off and sat down to eat.  He was persistent though and made yet another attempt to claim a slice of his own.  This continued throughout my lunch.

The Hawaiian side was pretty basic.  The crust was a pretty standard thickness.  Soft throughout but somewhat firm on the bottom and the edges were nice and crisp.  I prefer a thinner crust, but this was fine.  The red sauce on this side was very simple, maybe a bit on the sweet side.  It went well with the sweet pineapple pieces, which were flavorful and juicy.  The ham was pretty tasty.  This side was good.  The bacon chicken supreme was on a whole other level.  The creamy garlic sauce was rich and, as with most pizza places, complimented the chicken and bacon perfectly.  There was a lot more cheese on top than I expected from the description.  They show very little cheese in the photos on their website as well.  This covered what was a fairly thin layer of toppings.  Despite how that sounds though, each ingredient was actually very flavorful and the eniter slice overall extremely delicious.  The chicken pieces were few and very small, but they were tender and juicy.  The fresh green onions were a good choice.  They added a delicate crisp to each bite.  This side was fantastic.

I wasn’t sure about the bread sticks since I had nothing to dip them in, but as soon as I picked one up I got the feeling I might not need anything after all.  It was heavily coated with what seemed to be a thicker, heavier creamy garlic sauce.  The cheese was not obvious, but I think it may have been mixed in with the sauce instead of a discrete layer.  The bread was the same as the pizza crust.  Taking a bite, I knew for certain that not only did I not need something to dip these in, but that it would be overkill.  The creamy garlic sauce topping  was really rich on these, and they were not at all dry.  Bread sticks are really hit or miss at most pizza joints.  They do a pretty good job with these.

Overall I was pretty impressed with Master Pizza.  The photos on their website didn’t have me going in with very high expectations, but they proved me wrong.  The customer service was minimal and friendly, the pizza good and the prices agreeable.  I would definitely return here.

Website: http://www.masterpizzausa.com


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