#93: Pasta Village, Inc.

Pasta Village is a little fast Italian joint at Lead Hill & Rocky Ridge.  I must have looked in the windows a dozen or more times as I passed by on my way to Panda Express next door but never turned around and went inside.  I’ve rarely seen more than a few people in there at a time and I was kind of waiting to see if it would eventually close.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  Today I decided to check it out and cross it off my list.

I walked in just after 4pm.  There was a small group ordering ahead of me and a couple in the dining room eating.  I had several minutes to look over the menu before I was up.  Most of my attention was on the pretty good selection of pastas.  I nearly went with Fettuccine Alfredo but decided I should try for something a little less boring.  Skimming further down the menu my eye caught the Tequila Chicken or Shrimp Spaghetti.  The description reads “sauteed shrimp or grilled chicken in jalapeno creme sauce with sweet pepper, onion and fresh cilantro leaves.”  My decision was made.

I moved down the counter to the register and placed my order with the only person working at the time (who turned out to be the owner).  He warned me that the Tequila Chicken Spaghetti was spicy, which was nice, but I was ready.  I ordered a soda and the total came to just over 10 bucks.  By the soda machine there are all the condiments and utensils you need, including oil and balsamic vinegar.  I looked over everything and sat down, though I forgot to actually pick anything up.  The owner was quite busy in the kitchen for a solid 10 minutes or so preparing orders for myself as well as the group ahead of me.  Eventually he brought it out and also went over to that counter and brought me some napkins and a fork.

I was pretty surprised by the size of my dish, it was definitely more than I was going to be eating and it’s not like I wasn’t hungry.  There was quite a lot of little pieces of chicken evenly distributed around the bowl.  I knew this was a jalapeno creme sauce, but I didn’t expect there to be full on slices of jalapenos in it.  Included with the dish was a small slice of bread.  I got up and grabbed a small to go container and the oil and balsamic vinegar.  This was a great idea and the bread was good this way. It ended up doubling as my leftovers container later. I dug into my creamy spaghetti and found that the sauce wasn’t actually very spicy at all.  In fact it was a lot closer to the Alfredo sauce I nearly ordered.  There was a hint of pepper to it to be sure, but nothing like I had expected, especially with the warning at the register.  The jalapenos themselves did in fact pack a bit of a punch though.

I was really happy with my choice in that it had a creamy delicious sauce and lots of chicken.  I’m not a fan of cilantro for the most part but I honestly couldn’t really taste it that much, particularly when I picked up a piece of jalapeno.  The spaghetti was well done and there was plenty of the whole thing left over to take home as lunch for tomorrow making it a pretty good value.  I won’t be passing this one up so often in the future and I’d definitely like to check out a panini next time.

Website: http://www.pastavillage.com/



4 thoughts on “#93: Pasta Village, Inc.

  1. You mentioned you had never seen this place busy, have you ever been past there at lunch time when the Kaiser employees are taking a break? This place can get packed!

  2. It’s unfortunate that you held off on this place thinking it would close up, went there when you were ready, and then they closed. Hopefully, the former proprietors will read your reviews and fondly recall the heydays of their restaurant, momentarily sweeping away their near inconsolable despondence, their crippling debt. Sorry, too dark.

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