Posted by: S. Carter | September 12, 2012

FYI: Mobile Food Truck Roundup Tomorrow on Vernon

A series of monthly food truck roundups on Vernon from 5-8PM starts up tomorrow.  They will continue on the 2nd Thursday of each month going forward.  I don’t see any official page or information for it on but you can read a bit about it in this Roseville Patch article.  I wish SactoMoFo would have some more organized information about these things on their website.  I just checked Coast to Coast’s website and their schedule shows them as being somewhere else entirely, so I don’t really know what to think.  The SactoMoFo facebook page seems to be more actively updated and does have a post and event page for this.  I’ll be checking it out.  Local band Hero’s Last Mission will be playing.  I’ve seen them a couple times at the Beach Hut in Lincoln and they’re pretty good.


  1. I will be out there…I will say hi if I spot ya!

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