#83: Annie’s Sno Biz

Just a quickie for today, I stopped by Annie’s Sno Biz on the way home.  It’s a little red trailer that is often parked at the corner of Douglas and Harding.  She serves Hawaiian shaved ice.  I have never had some until today, and only heard about it not long ago for the first time when a co-worker told me about a food truck in Sacramento that serves it.

I wasn’t really sure what the difference between it and a snow cone would be and I ended up doing a little reading online before getting some.  It’s kind of the same basic idea, flavored syrup over ice, however it’s different in that a snow cone is more like crushed ice chunks and this is soft, fluffy ice – a lot more like actual snow.

Annie’s Sno Biz has a ton of flavors to offer as you can see in the menu above.  She also offers 3 toppings: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  I went with a small root beer flavored shaved ice with the vanilla topping (which is like sweetened condensed milk).  It was really quite awesome.  With the vanilla topping it was a bit like a root beer float.  The texture was really interesting, almost like a thick Slurpee.  I recommend it.  Keep an eye on her twitter feed (linked below) to see where/when she is serving.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/annies.snobiz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anniessnobiz



3 thoughts on “#83: Annie’s Sno Biz

  1. I was like crazy looking for her at the address that show in her ad ..there is nothing there..I am wondering what is her schedule to be there!!

    1. Yeah it’s a little unpredictable, best bet is to check her Facebook page and Twitter to see if she has mentioned where she will be for the day. The last update was on Thursday mentioning electrical issues so she might still be dealing with that 😦

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