#77: Cookie Connection


Here’s a quickie about Cookie Connection, there’s not much to say here so I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.  I stopped by yesterday to use a groupon that was about to expire and picked up 13 cookies and an ice cream sandwich (which I didn’t know they sold until just then).  The ice cream sandwich is just a scoop of ice cream between two cookies.  They have five pre-set options to choose from and it seems you can create your own as well.  I went with The Chip, vanilla ice cream and two chocolate chip cookies.

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Right as I was paying a big group of people arrived, so I went outside to eat my ice cream sandwich and wait for them to clear out so I could get a couple photos inside.  Sitting at one of the tables just outside in the 90 degree weather it was a pretty nice little treat.  Almost too much though, they are good sized cookies.  Before they had left another bunch of people showed up, and then more, and more… and more.  It was a full blown rush – at a cookie shop.  Everyone seemed to be using their groupons at the last minute like me.  I felt bad for the one person working the counter but she had a smile on and handled the whole thing really well.

The Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Obviously I didn’t eat all these cookies, even it I wanted to.  I brought them in and gave them to my coworkers today.  I had a white chocolate macadamia and a chocolate chip today from the batch and they were both excellent.

Cookie Box







Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Chocolate


Chocolate M&M

Oatmeal Raisin w/ nuts

Oatmeal Chocolate

Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate Macadamia

Cookie Guide
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Website: http://www.cookieconnection.com/



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