Downtown Mobile Food Event

The downtown mobile food event  is going on right now on Vernon between S. Grant and Lincoln.  They have the street closed off and several local food trucks are set up down the road.  A live band performing 80’s covers is providing entertainment.  Parking is easy, the big parking structure is less than a block away and is free.

Food trucks:

  • Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen
  • MiniBurger aka KrushBurger
  • Chando’s Tacos
  • VolksWaffle
  • Heavenly Dogs
  • Coast to Coast Sandwiches
  • Simply Southern aka It’s Corn Cake
  • Willies Hamburgers & Chiliburgers

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There was also supposed to be a smoothie truk but I didn’t see it.  Would have been nice becuase I was craving something cold by the time I was headed out.

I tried a Mulita (choice of meat [pork, chicken, beef or fish], fresh cilantro, diced onions,   from Chando’s Tacos and paired it with a tasty mexican Coke, both of which were really good.

I had a waffle at VolksWaffle just a few weeks ago at SactoMoFo (Sacramento’s much bigger version of this event.)  Even though I just went with a plain one, it was great.

Next I hit up Heavenly Dogs and tried their 3-Alarm Dog (A bacon-wrapped dog, habanero aioli, grilled onions and pepper jack cheese).  This was totally awesome!  The woman that took my order asked what kind of dog I wanted and said if I really wanted it hot to go with a hot link, or just the beef frank if not.  I decided to play it safe with the beef frank.  The habanero aioli was definitely hot, but not quite as hot as I expected.  Next time I find myself at this truck I think I’ll go with the hot link.

KrushBurger (formerly MiniBurgerTruck) was there and arguably one of the more popular trucks in Sac, but I’ve had them before so I skipped it.  Here are some of the burgers I’ve had.

Before I headed out I picked up a Corn Cake from Simply Southern.  I wanted to try this at SactoMoFo but the line may as well have started all the way up here on Vernon street.  I don’t think I ever found the end of it.  Today however there was practically no line at all and I was headed out with corn cake in hand in less than a couple minutes.  I’ve been picking at it while I type this up and the flavor is pretty good, it’s a nice and sweet corn bread.  They say “so good you’ll swear it’s cake.”  Maybe if it wasn’t as dry as it was I could agree with that.  It definitely needs a little warm butter and maybe some honey, but that might take the sweetness over the top.

Oh yeah, I also picked up a pastry from Rustic Grains Bakery on my way out since they had a little stand set up, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I was very happy overall with the event.  After being so turned off by SactoMoFo and how insanely busy it was this was a very nice event to try out the popular local food trucks that seem to be mobbed anytime I come across one.  It’s going on until 5PM tonight, so go check it out!


5 thoughts on “Downtown Mobile Food Event

  1. I waited in line at the MiniBurger/Krush truck and after almost an hour from start of line to actually getting my food it wasn’t that good. I’ve had them in the past but today wasn’t worth the wait. I hope these trucks come back to Roseville again because I’d love to try the waffles, tacos and hotdogs.

    1. Ouch. Not much is worth an hour wait, which is why I was so discouraged at SactoMoFo. Every truck seemed to be like that.

      What time did you go? I wonder if it got a lot busier after I left.

  2. The tacos looked great at the event, but I decided I could get tacos anytime. I would have gone for the corn cake, but they were out by the time I got there at 2:30. I’ve done Drewski’s when they came by work at Natomas, and also via the Republic. So I opted instead for a Chicago Dog with hot link at Heavenly Dog. So dang Delicious!
    I then hung out and listened to a different group – Thomas and Plecker. They were a young jazz group with a sound along the lines of Buble. Lead singer had a great voice.

  3. Yeah, SactoMofo was a mofo. We’re probably not going to that mess again, but this one seemed better.

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