#45: New York Pizza

I have to admit that I was a little burnt out from work and not really feeling like doing a post today which is why I chose to do pizza.  There’s not a whole lot to the typical pizza take-out experience.  Now that I have a full belly, I’m in a  much better mood :).  When I looked over the list to see what my pizza options were I was surprised to see how many we have – over 10 at my last count.  I decided on New York Pizza, which is on Washington right next to the fairgrounds.

I’ve driven by this place hundreds of times thinking maybe I should check it out someday.  This is exactly the type of place I meant to visit by starting this mission.  It’s exclusively take-out or delivery, the only have two small wooden benches inside and some chairs outside for waiting.  The one employee I interacted with was dressed casually.  No collared polo or anything like you’d expect at one of the chain pizza joints.  He may have been wearing a white apron.  Either that or he was covered in flour, I can’t really remember.  Not that I see any problem with that, having worked at Round Table for a number of years it wasn’t uncommon to see someone completely covered in flour emerge from the back of the kitchen now and then.  Our transaction was quick and painless.  He told me it would be about 15-20 minutes, which I mostly waited through in my car instead of the uncomfortable benches.

The drive home was nearly unbearable with the smell of pizza in my car and my stomach growling.  Luckily it was a short drive and I was tearing into it as soon as I got home, after taking some photos of course.  I ordered the 13.99 special which was a  medium two topping pizza and 10 hot wings.  My pizza was half pepperoni/mushroom and half chicken/bacon on their creamy garlic sauce.  They have a couple crust options in addition to the default New York style –  “California thin” (I’ve never heard of this) or for $1 more you can get a thick Chicago style crust.  He didn’t ask me, but I would have told him the standard New York if he had.  I didn’t think to ask about dipping sauce for the wings but already included was a small cup of bleu cheese dipping sauce.

The first and hottest slice I grabbed was oozing with cheese that stretched about half a foot as I took a bite out of it.  The chicken/bacon side was loaded with both toppings, and the creamy garlic sauce was very creamy.  Garlic sauce pizzas tend to be my favorite over tomato sauce.  This was excellent.  The pepperoni/mushroom side was also awesome.  The sauce was pretty mild, not really very spicy or sweet, it was just a solid tomato base for toppings.  The crust was soft and really good.  I’m usually more of a cracker-thin crust kind of guy, but this was fantastic.

The hot wings were fairly typical pizza place wings.  You can probably find equal or better wings in the frozen section at the grocery store.  They were not the best wings I’ve had, by a long shot, but they weren’t bad either.  They had just enough heat to them to warrant dipping in the bleu cheese sauce, which was creamy and mild.  I like a really strong and chunky bleu cheese sauce, like Hooters or Wingstop(sometimes) serves.  This one was satisfactory.

Overall I was really happy with this visit.  To be fair I didn’t go in with super high expectations, though this was quite good (as mentioned previously, having worked in a pizza place for years and making my own pizzas daily I probably have unfair expectations of pizza quality).  I will no doubt be thinking of New York Pizza in the future when I have company over and we are ordering pizza.  The wings and blue cheese could use a little improvement, but honestly they are fine for what they are and what you’re paying.

Rupert was far more chill than Dusty was last time while waiting for his dinner.


One thought on “#45: New York Pizza

  1. Maybe “California thin” is just what we consider normal, but New York considers worthy of some qualification! That pizza looked a lot better than Neighborhood Pizza. Sometimes I wonder how much being hungry affects the food experience. Anyway, this looked non-greasy and great and loaded with niceties. The wings looked just normal like you said.

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