#25: Sushi Unlimited

Based on it’s name I kind of expected Sushi Unlimited to be a buffet kind of place, in fact it’s just a normal sushi restaurant like Mikuni.  In fact upon entering it kind of has the same vibe.  There were only 2 people in the restaurant when I arrived (monday at 4), sitting at the bar and talking football with the sushi chef.  I was greeted and seated less than 5 seconds after walking through the door with a choice of sushi bar or table.  I chose a table because I like to spread out.  For the 2nd time in a row I was asked what I would like to drink before I had even pulled out my chair.  I went with a Pibb Xtra.  Had I seen the happy hour beer specials in time I probably would have ordered a Kirin or two, they were $2, 25¢ less than the soda.  The Pibb was great, actually now that I think about it, every sushi place I go to seems to have their fountain soda dialed in perfectly.  It must be some sort of ancient Japanese art.

The dining room is large with lots of seating.  It’s a bit uninspired though when you compare it to Blue Nami which has several distinctly separate seating areas and a really nicely decorated interior with lots to look at.  With a few changes in decoration this space could become any type of restaurant.  There were a couple TVs that had football on.  Table settings were standard, disposable wooden chopsticks, small bowl for soy sauce & napkin.  I liked the metal soy sauce dispensers they had, much cooler than the typical Kikkoman ones you see everywhere else.

There was 1 server and 1 sushi chef working that I could see, and also 1 dude (cook?  Manager?  Dishwasher?) in the back that seemed to be staring at me through the kitchen window every time I glanced that direction.  I’m used to getting a couple looks when I set my SLR and a lens or 2 on the table, but this was borderline creepy, haha.  Once the couple at the bar left I had the place to myself.

It’s at this time I should say that, besides some appetizers, I pretty much only order rolls because that’s really the only thing I know anything about.  If you have any favorite non-roll sushi orders you think I should try out, please leave me a comment and I’ll give it a shot at the next sushi restaurant I hit for the blog.  Anyway, I went over their long roll list (full menu available online here, though I was warned the prices may not be current) and ordered a bowl of Miso Soup, a Thunder Valley Roll and a New California Roll.  I didn’t take a picture, but I like to take about a quarter sized amount of wasabi and mix it into soy sauce for dipping.

My miso came out quickly and was nice and hot as it should be.  It generally tasted good though it was just a touch saltier than others I’ve had.

The Thunder valley [(deep fried shrimp & spicy tuna) avocado, unagi & salmon with spicy sauce] was very good, the spicy tuna kicks in late right as you go for your next bite.  Though there was deep fried shrimp in it, the batter on the shrimp must have been very light, because only occasionally could I detect a faint crunchy texture.  I didn’t taste the avocado in this.  The salmon was great.  Overall I liked this one quite a bit and would order it again, but there are so many to choose from I’d probably try something else first.

The New California [(crab mix & avocado) deep fried with unagi sauce & crunchy crumbs] was fully deep fried and that was clear by looking at it, crunching down on it and tasting the tempura batter.  The batter was the dominant taste, it seemed to almost take over the rice, as if instead of rice it was just undercooked batter.  The crab mix was there, but I didn’t detect any avocado at all even though I could see it.  The tempura masked a lot of flavor in this roll.    That’s not to say deep fried rolls are a bad choice, in fact my favorite roll at Blue Nami is deep fried.  I was kind of over this by the time I was finishing it.  Just too much tempura batter.

The service was good overall, I have no complaints.  Other than the New California I would say the sushi was on par with Mikuni or Blue Nami.  This might be a good alternative on a busy weekend night if you don’t want to wait for a table–of course I don’t know what their weekend business is like but I imagine Mikni or Blue Nami would have been busier than they were that evening.  I’d give it a solid 4 of 5 and wouldn’t hesitate to return.

Website: http://www.sushiunlimited.net/


7 thoughts on “#25: Sushi Unlimited

  1. Hi Sean – does your blog allow a widget for searching on a keyword, or for tags? I was just thinking how I’d love to search your blog for something like “Thai” or click on a tag for that and see all your reviews for Thai restaurants, to compare and then decide where to eat. Would be great, if possible!

    1. Angelique, I’ve finally gone through and tagged all my posts! You can see the tag cloud on the right side towards the bottom along with a search box under that.

  2. Not at the moment, but only because I haven’t tagged anything. I like the idea though, and I’m already planning on going back to add maps on each post like this one. I’ll make sure to add tags as well. Give me a couple weeks on that! 🙂

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