#21: Smashburger

We have a few Smashburgers to pick from since this Roseville Parkway at Galleria location opened – Citrus Heights, Folsom & Roseville. I was excited when the one on sunrise opened near the mall as it was one of the first in our recent (and still occurring) burger joint expansion. Nations Giant just opened down the street from it and we will be getting Five Guys at Douglas and Sierra College soon. It is a good time for burger lovers.

Every time I went to Smashburger before this visit I always went the build your own burger route and ordered their regular sized smash burger patty on the classic egg bun with smash sauce(a kind of thousand island sauce), blue cheese, bacon, lettuce and grilled onions. It is a hell of a burger. For this visit I thought I’d try something off of their pre-built menu. I went with the BBQ Bacon Cheddar (BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and haystack onions on an egg bun), mostly because of the haystack onions. The best burger I’ve ever had in my life (Rave Burger in San Mateo) had the same onions on it. I’m not always big on BBQ sauce, but it works very well here. The beef is fairly thin but has a lot of flavor and is quite juicy. I suppose that has to be due to how they make them:

While most people are eating breakfast, we’re already doing lunch — shaping fresh 100% Certified Angus Beef® into plump meatballs. (When was our beef frozen, by the way? Try never.)

Why meatballs, not patties? Because unlike the other burger places, we don’t squish. We smash. Place your order and we spring into action, painting the grill with real butter, adding a dash of our secret spice blend, and smashing the meatball with a tool we invented ourselves (it’s so new it doesn’t even have a name — let’s just call it the smashing tool). Smashing caramelizes the beef, creating a sear that locks in the juices as no other cooking method can. The result is a burger that’s more tender and flavorful than anybody else’s. A Smashburger. Not a squishburger.

Smashburger Menu

Also I’ve previously always ordered the sweet potato fries with a side of petal sauce. I recently discovered that they also have fried pickles, a food I now love after trying them at the Auburn Alehouse for the first time this summer. They are really good and even better in ranch, but I might try one of their other sauce next time to see if I can find an even better combination.

Smashburger’s staff is on par with Chick-fil-a or In’N’Out, always super polite and doing a great job in general. I’ve yet to have a bad customer service experience, actually not even just an average one for that matter. A solid 5 of 5 rating is due here for the quality burgers and service.



3 thoughts on “#21: Smashburger

  1. We picked up a Groupon to this place several months ago and were not disappointed. I must have missed the explanation of “the smash,” which makes me want to go back there…

  2. I like your blog but you don’t give price as a factor… and I think you are missing out on that aspect – I mean as far as burger places stack up – if quality and customer service count so should what is coming out of your wallet. Thanks again – this is a good website and a nice blog.

    1. That’s a good point and something I should definitely keep in mind as I go forward. Once in a while I will mention the price if it seems like a good/bad value. A lot of times I don’t think much of it though. I’ll try to think about it more. Thanks for the comment!

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