#8: Ruby Thai Kitchen

Having discovered that I love Thai food a year or so ago I was pretty excited when I found this Thai version of Panda Express (get ready for a lot of comparisons to Panda) smack in the middle of the Galleria’s food court.  Each of the 3 times I’ve eaten here they had an employee standing just outside their booth (is booth the right term for food court locations?) with samples of the Panang Chicken, which is basically their answer to Panda’s Orange Chicken.  I skipped the sample on this day since I knew what I wanted before I even got to the counter.  With a standard 2 entree plate you get a choice of fried rice or noodles.

I vaguely recall going half and half rice/noodles the first time and not being crazy about the rice.  The noodles, on the other hand, are awesome!  They’ve been great every time, always hot and fresh (Panda Express could learn from Ruby Thai on this one).

For my entrees I ordered the Panang Chicken and Curry Chicken.  The Curry Chicken is in a yellow curry, and while not as strong as a curry dish you would get in a full blown Thai restaurant, it’s pretty good and is one of my favorites at Ruby Thai.  The Panang Chicken is excellent and on par with Panda’s Orange Chicken.  I think it will always be my go-to entree here.

Of course I had to take advantage of the awesome weather so I sat outside looking out over the promenade, busy with weekend shoppers.

I freaking love me some Panda Express but when it comes to the Galleria food court I think Ruby Thai edges it out just slightly.



One thought on “#8: Ruby Thai Kitchen

  1. Better than Panda? My god. A nice little experience. I haven’t been people watching in a while. I realize I’ve actually read a lot of these already!

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