#5 Los Cabos Grill

This taqueria is located at the corner of Pleasant Grove and Foothills across from the AM/PM.  I discovered the Los Cabos Grill the first day I went scouting for restaurants to make The Map.  I’m still surprised at how many taquerias we have in town.

When I arrived here last night at about 7:45 I thought they were closed because their main sign was off even though it was already dark (came back today to get the picture of the front).  I guess they hadn’t adjusted the timer on it yet.  There was a single family just finishing their dinner and heading out when I came in, so I had the dining room to myself.  It’s a very clean and new dining room, brightly lit and well decorated, though the guitar seemed a little out of place…

I ordered the carnitas plate, which is something I order at every taqueria as a baseline comparison dish.  I was directed to the salsa bar and told that my food would be brought to me shortly.  After picking a table I filled my soda and got a basket of chips and some hot salsa.

My food was already on it’s way to the table when I headed back.  This carnitas plate was HUGE!  I made a mental note that I need a wider lens for these situations…

This chips were ok, crispy and warm from the heat lamp but nothing special.  The hot salsa had good flavor and heat, not too much though.  It was the kind of heat that builds over several chips without a drink.  The carnitas were excellent, almost melt in your mouth tender but with a bit of crisp at the edges, just the way I like them.  Rice and beans were good, but not particularly noteworthy.  The guacamole appeared a bit runny, and I was worried about that because the guacamole at a taqueria I’ve been to where it was similarly runny was terrible to the point that I don’t even go there anymore.  This was actually pretty decent, and it’s not something that would keep me from coming back.

The employee that took my order was very nice, and came over while I ate to see if I needed any more corn tortillas.  I was pretty happy with this visit.  I think I would rank it as my 2nd favorite taqueria behind El Sombrero Taqueria (just outside Roseville’s limits at Sierra College and Douglas next to Habit).  Admittedly I haven’t been to very many, so this might change significantly as I make my way through Roseville 😉


One thought on “#5 Los Cabos Grill

  1. That’s a huge plate. That bit of attentive service was nice. I figure that is a must when there aren’t too many other people around. I used to work at my mom’s little restaurant and I probably should have done that a bit more with lone customers, but I figured they might want to be alone. Oh well.

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